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TTC is North America’s third-biggest public transportation system, and it has been named one of the best places to work in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) by many publications. The TTC’s goal is to create a transportation system that is a source of pride for the whole city, guided by a forward-thinking strategic plan. Recruitment efforts by the TTC jobs are directly related to the organization’s mission of providing “a reliable, efficient, and seamlessly integrated bus, streetcar, and subway system that draws its high standards of customer care from our rich traditions of safety, service, and courtesy.”

A broad variety of TTC jobs possibilities are available at the TTC, which only accepts online applications for positions that have been publicly posted. Thank you for your consideration.

When it comes to workplace culture, the TTC jobs is dedicated to hiring and retaining employees who are reflective of the areas in which it operates. Due to the TTC’s commitment to the values of diversity and inclusion, all eligible candidates are encouraged to submit their applications. Applicants, including those with disabilities, will be provided with reasonable accommodations throughout the recruiting process.

Employer Name: Toronto Transit Commission
Position: various
No. of vacancies: 25
Salary$450.00 – $1500.00 per month
Employment type: Full time
Location: Toronto

TTC jobs

ttc jobsttc jobs

Competencies, knowledge, and experience

  • Having strong and effective interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills, the ability to be diplomatic, polite, patient, and courteous while delivering a high level of customer service is also required.
  • Highly developed situational analysis, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities, as well as the capacity to use these abilities in tough, demanding, and sometimes hazardous circumstances.
  • Knowledge of computers, applications, and systems that are relevant to the job is required (Microsoft Word, Excel, databases, etc.)
  • Must pass the TTC jobs Special recruiting and training standards, which include the qualification requirements, numerous selection criteria, and a thorough selection procedure, among other things.
  • Must successfully complete necessary re-qualification training and exams OF TTC jobs, as well as any background investigations or checks that may be needed.
  • A Community College diploma in law enforcement, or the equivalent, coupled with many years of closely relevant professional experience is required.

Before you submit your online application:

Examine Your Curriculum Vitae: Prepare a thorough résumé that you may post online. Your resume should contain up-to-date information about your relevant abilities and job experience, as well as a summary of your qualifications.

Abstract: Please review our Abstract Requirements to verify that you are qualified to submit an application. There is no need for you to submit an abstract with your submission.

Check out our educational requirements and make sure you have all of your educational information available (including diploma/degree/certificate names and dates) before applying.

Finding a Job with the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) is simple.

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is a public transit department of the Canadian government that is responsible for the country’s transportation networks. With such a diverse range of job opportunities, TTC is constantly accepting applications for roles ranging from operator to design engineer, maintenance, and administrative staff members. There are a variety of methods for applying for these positions, and applicants should begin by visiting the TTC’s website for more information. Tips and guidelines are provided here, organized into three categories of application.

Through the use of the email

ttc jobs

  • Obtain the job classification and associated reference number for the position you want to apply for from the “Jobs” section of the TTC’s official website, under the heading “Current Employment Opportunities,” by clicking here.
  • Create an email with a cover letter and a CV attachment, then send it to yourself at your legitimate email address.
  • As the subject of your email, provide the job title and reference number if applicable.

Please send your application to via email.

Using the United States Postal Service

  • Examine the available positions on the TTC’s official website and apply for the positions that interest you.
  • Obtain the job’s instructions and a list of the prerequisites that are needed by the position.
  • Prepare your resume or CV as well as your cover letter, making sure to include the job title and reference number in both your resume and cover letter.

You may send both documents by regular mail to the following forwarding address: Toronto Transit Commission Human Resources Department – Employment Services, 1138 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario M5R 3H2.

Through the use of fax

  • Prepare a cover letter and résumé after the job title and its associated reference number have been identified and acquired.
  • Keep in mind to include the job title and reference number in your cover letter as well.
  • Faxes should be sent to the following number: 416-397-8307, with the subject line: “Toronto Transit Commission Human Resources Department, Employment Services.”

Toronto Transit Commission / TTC was named one of the Top Employers in Greater Toronto for the year 2021 for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Health and fitness are promoted at the TTC through a number of wellness campaigns, and workshops on a variety of topics are offered on a variety of topics such as nutrition and fitness, calorie balance, portion control, healthy eating on the go, and understanding food labels — in addition, the company health plan includes a dedicated mental health practitioners benefit (worth up to $1,500 per year).
  • By making pension contributions to a defined benefit pension plan, assisting workers with retirement planning, and providing health benefits that extend to retirees, the TTC helps employees prepare for a secure future (with no age limit and 100 percent premium coverage)
  • In addition to providing substantial tuition subsidies to workers who want to continue their education, the TTC jobs go out to the next generation of talent by offering paid internships, co-op positions, and summer employment in a number of areas to a diverse group of employees.

What are the advantages of TTC jobs?

The TTC jobs assist workers in making safe financial plans for the future by making contributions to a defined benefit pension plan, providing retirement planning advice, and providing health benefits that are available to retirees (with no age restriction and 100 percent premium coverage).

How can I apply for a position at TTC jobs?

  • Recruiting and Selection Procedures
  • Fill out an online application.
  • If you are given an online evaluation, you must complete it as soon as possible.
  • You will be notified by email if you have been chosen once your application and assessment results have been evaluated by a member of the Talent Management Team.

What is the pay of the TTC employee?

Total Target Compensation (TTC) refers to the total amount of money that a position will receive if all of the anticipated outcomes are achieved to a 100 percent degree. Fixed and variable remuneration is included in this category, which includes basic pay/salary, bonuses, short-term incentives, and commissions, among others.

How long does the recruiting process take at the TTC?

It took six months to get to the point of really having an interview for TTC jobs. Applying, passing a skill test, submitting documents, and then requesting to be called in for an interview.

Is TTC a decent business to work for in terms of pay and benefits?

Excellent benefits and pay, a pleasant working atmosphere, and a choice of hours are all available at TTC jobs. Tuition assistance, promotion possibilities, and a wide range of career options are all available. Job responsibilities are very wide; employees may be required to work outside in a variety of temperatures and weather situations; certain shifts and off days are included. It is possible that social and personal life may be affected.

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