Yukon government jobs

The Yukon River, a wild and scenic river in Yukon Territory, is still as wild and beautiful as it was more than a century ago, owing to the Klondike gold rush, which saw over 100,000 prospectors risk their lives between 1896 and 1899 in pursuit of the rare metal. The overwhelming majority of the Yukon landscape is made up of mountains, glacier-fed lakes, and huge areas of wilderness.

Whitehorse, the territory’s historical capital, is situated along the Yukon River and has a population of little more than 25,000 people. Although there are many and varied employment opportunities in Canada, no other region on the globe can compare to the Yukon in terms of overall quality of life, which is unlike anywhere else on the planet. However, although the cost of living in Yukon is somewhat higher than the national average, this is mostly due to the fact that people in the region are paid more on average due to the province’s remoteness.

Employer Name: Yukon government
Position: various
No. of vacancies: 850
Salary$450.00 – $5500.00 per month
Employment type: Full time
Location: Yukon

Yukon government jobs

Yukon government jobsYukon government jobs

The goal of Yukon government jobs

The goal of the Yukon government is a vibrant and varied public service that welcomes innovation in order to achieve good results for Yukoners and their communities.

Who are the people who work in Yukon government jobs?

The Executive Council Office is the government of Yukon’s center of excellence. When it comes to the modernization of government standards and procedures, the Yukon government is at the forefront of the pack.

Central strategic advice is provided to the Yukon government through policy development, communication, and intergovernmental relations; Indigenous relations; major project management; youth initiatives; Indigenous and scientific knowledge science; and support for the Water Board and Commissioner’s Office, among other areas of responsibility. Yukon government jobs also offer direct assistance to the Premier and Cabinet of the territory.

Yukon government jobs are available via the Yukon’s Water Board Secretariat, which is a division of the Executive Council Office. The Water Board Secretariat offers professional, technical, and administrative assistance to the Yukon Water Board to ensure that its work is conducted properly.

The Secretariat assists the Board in Yukon government jobs, which is an independent administrative tribunal, in making informed licensing decisions that promote the conservation, development, and utilization of waters in a manner that is beneficial to all Canadians, and particularly to the residents of Yukon, in order to achieve the greatest possible benefit for all Canadians.

The opportunity at Yukon government jobs

  • In terms of career possibilities, the Yukon government jobs are committed to its workers and try to provide a wide range of learning and development options, including in-house training and development opportunities. Further education may also be possible with the help of financial assistance.
  • Yukon government jobs Work and leave alternatives that are flexible may be accessible to you, enabling you to better manage your personal and professional obligations. Yukon government employment also comes with a comprehensive and extensive benefits package that takes care of your health and well-being as well as those of your family.

Important application requirements: Yukon government jobs

  • Please send your CV in a clear and concise manner showing how you fulfill each of the criteria listed below for government jobs. Include specific examples of how your job experiences and associated responsibilities correspond to the necessary and asset qualities mentioned below.
  • Remember that your CV is the only thing that will determine whether or not you will be considered for further review at Yukon government jobs
  • When you mention your work experience, be sure to include the month and year in which you started and finished each position. This enables Yukon government employment to properly determine the amount of time you spent in the role during that time period.

Skills and qualifications for Yukon government jobs

  • Long-term experience managing a team, developing and training employees; Knowledge of administrative processes and procedures to ensure quality control and efficiency;
  • Recent financial management,
  • Cash balancing/handling, and procurement experience;
  • And demonstrated experience in both short-term and long-term project or operations management
  • Candidates who have education, training, and/or experience that is comparable to the necessary qualities mentioned above may be considered for positions with the Yukon government jobs on an equal basis with those who do not meet the requirements.

To best support the achievement of key strategic and business objectives, candidates may be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • exceptional client service skills at Yukon jobs excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • initiative, professionalism, positive attitude, problem-solving, conflict resolution;
  • ability to work independently as well as in a team environment; and suitability for the position.

Yukon government jobs:

  1. Regional Program Manager
  2. citizen services officer (CSO) – government services
  3. Various Administrative Assistant positions
  4. Forest Health Public Outreach Education Officer III
  5. Heritage Presenter I
  6. Maintenance Worker III (Groundskeeper)
  7. Public Outreach Education Officer II
  8. Forest Health Public Outreach Education Officer III
  9. Administrative Assistant (Anticipatory)
  10. Crown Witness Coordinator
  11. Visitor Services Team Leader II (Anticipatory)
  12. Maintenance Worker III
  13. Administrative Assistant
  14. Social Worker
  15. Maintenance Worker II

Yukon government jobs employee benefits

Full benefits package The benefits plan consists of the following components:

  • Dental insurance;
  • Extended health care insurance;
  • Long-term disability insurance;
  • And supplemental death benefit under the Public service pension plan.
  • Additional benefits may be available to certain employee groups depending on their position.
  • Life insurance at its most basic level.
  • Accidental death and dismemberment insurance is a kind of liability insurance.
  • Insurance for dependents against death or dismemberment as a result of an accident.
  • Optional life insurance is available.

How do I get a job offer in Yukon government jobs?

  • Create an e-recruitment profile to submit an application for a job.
  • Enter the job center’s website.
  • Prepare, add, and update your cover letter and resume as necessary.
  • The procedure for submitting an application.
  • The process of interviewing for a job.

What is it like to live in Yukon?

The advantages and disadvantages of living in Yukon are nearly evenly balanced. With Yukon government jobs you can get various advantages too. The advantages of living in this area include an amazing outdoor environment, pleasant people, and low crime rates combined with a high standard of living. In contrast, it has extremely harsh winters with short days, costly housing, and a high cost of living, which makes it a difficult place to live.

How Should I Prepare for Government Positions in the Yukon?

Below are some of the important steps to apply for Yukon government jobs

a. Awareness of the general/financial environment.
b. c. General English (which may be both objective and descriptive in nature) Ability to reason logically.
d. Aptitude for Quantitative Problems.
e. Recognize the importance of computers.

Vacancies available

Yukon government jobs

Privacy Management CoordinatorView & Apply
Project ManagerView & Apply
Infection Control ScreenerView & Apply
Policy AnalystView & Apply
Community Liaison CoordinatorView & Apply
Recreation Therapy AssistantView & Apply
Rehabilitation AssistantView & Apply
Systems AdministratorView & Apply
Heavy Equipment MechanicView & Apply


The Yukon government jobs website provides access to a variety of initiatives that reduce the cost of participation in different programs for members of the general public. If you are sufficiently ambitious, you should begin applying for Yukon government jobs as soon as possible, before it is too late to change your mind.

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