The Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP)

The Federal Program for Student Work Experience (FSWEP) is the country’s most extensive student employment program, offering students at all levels and in all fields of study the chance to get meaningful work experience in the federal government. The FSWEP program recruits student interns to work in a range of organizations throughout Canada.

FSWEP (The Federal Student Work Experience Program)


Students who are hired via the FSWEP program have the opportunity to:

  • Increase the calibre of their academic program.
  • They should increase their employability by honing their skills.
  • Attending this session will provide you with information about potential future job possibilities in the federal government.

According to the Public Service Commission website, the PSC keeps a broad inventory of applicants and customized inventories for specific departmental vacancies. Targeted lists also promote and facilitate the representation of underrepresented groups in the labour force. Management may request recommendations from students who are available at all times of the year.


All full-time secondary and post-secondary students who meet the following criteria are eligible to participate:

  • To qualify for financial assistance, students must continually be enrolled full-time at an authorized academic institution.
  • The phrase “students with a visible or invisible handicap” refers to students who are considered to be full-time by their educational institution, as well as those participating in secondary-level adult education and retraining programs.
  • Students must also reinstate their full-time studies in the following academic year and be legal in the province/territory where they are planning to work.

Each job will require candidates to achieve a minimum level of academic performance as decided by the hiring manager.

Note: When no eligible and qualified Canadian residents are available for the position, international students with valid permits to work in Canada may be considered for student employment programs in the country.

The duration and timetable of the task

Jobs with the FSWEP are available on the whole- and part-time basis throughout the year. Students may work full-time or part-time over the summer (or other non-academic times) and part-time during the academic year. Jobs may be extended for a long time as long as the student meets the criteria for student employment eligibility.

Recruiting and recommending the individuals for FSWEP

The PSC is in charge of handling the recruitment and recommendation of candidates for FSWEP student job opportunities. To do this, the PSC receives all initial applications from students and forwards them to recruitment managers for consideration.

Departments may rehire students who were previously employed via this program provided the student continues to meet the student program’s eligibility criteria.

Application Students must use the PSC’s online application portal to submit their applications.

You may discover information about student remuneration rates under the Terms and Conditions of Employment for Students. This document also includes any special rates that the Treasury Board may have authorized for specific departmental programs
mentioned in this document.

Here’s how it works: FSWEP Login


  • Create your FSWEP profile: have a copy of your résumé ready to upload into the database, as well as information about your educational history, geographic location, language skills, and other pertinent information. The profile creation procedure may take up to an hour.
  • Your profile becomes a permanent part of the database for the year, and it may be updated at any time. If anything changes, be sure to maintain your academic program, abilities, and CV up to date.
  • Then federal agencies ask the FSWEP to recommend a student. The method is used for at least five students who correspond to the current job criteria before continuing to the next step. These eligible students are contacted by e-mail to establish their interest in and access to their jobs.
  • Students who confirm their interest in the position via e-mail are forwarded to the recruiting manager, who evaluates the students who have indicated interest more thoroughly.
  • Exams and interviews may be required of students, and job offers are sent directly to students who the recruiting manager has selected.
  • Detailed suggestions for students are accessible on their FSWEP profiles under the title “Job application status.”

Step by step guide

What to Expect After Submitting an Application

  • A copy of your application will be included in the student inventory of the school to which you applied.
  • Managers will use the checklist to fill job openings that arise as a consequence of employment vacancies.
  • If your application has been successfully matched with a job opportunity, you will be notified by e-mail or if your application status has changed.
  • If your application is selected for further consideration, you will be contacted by a manager and invited to participate in a test and interview.

There will be no contact with all of the children who apply. An applicant pool drawn at random from individuals who meet all of the job criteria may be used to ensure a fair selection process.

Preparing for the Future: You’ve Received a Work-Study Award, Now What?

If you have received or believe you will receive an FSWEP, you can discover methods for making the most in this part of the website.

  • Take the initiative and go to work. Study positions are often in great demand. If you want to make use of your FSWEP grant, you should begin searching for employment as soon as you arrive on campus.
  • Take a look at the employment database or career centre at your college or university. If a potential employer participates, they will be encouraged to hire you to inform them about your award before starting your job.

Make a financial plan.

As soon as you start receiving payments, it may be tempting to put in long hours at your position. If you have a lower award amount or work many hours, you may find yourself running out of money sooner than you expect. It is possible that your company will not support you if you are unable to pay your bills.

  • Make it an issue for your work-study award to be upfront with your employer. You have probably worked with FSWEP employees in the past, and you will need to stay under certain income restrictions.
  • They may even have a budget to continue paying you after you run out of money, which is another incentive to keep them informed about your financial situation.

Track of Your Earnings

It’s a good idea to double-check your award amount once or twice a semester to make sure it’s exactly what you anticipate it to be. This provides you with the chance to identify and rectify any errors (for example, if you earn $1,000 but your Work-Study grant has been reduced by $2,000).

What Comes Next?

If you’re thinking about applying for the FSWEP, you should also look into other kinds of government assistance. After all, you’ll only need to fill out one application to be considered for all of these various assistance programs!

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