Jobs in Canada for Pakistanis

With over 650,000 British residents, Canada remains one of the most popular ex-pat destinations. The advantages of living in the Great White North are obvious, with its wide-open expanses and safe, prosperous cities. Canada is one of the safest, most secure, and happiest countries on the planet, with a variety of added attractions ranging from polar bears to the Northern Lights.

Employer Name: Canada Job Bank
Position: various
No. of vacancies: 5000
Salary$250.00 – $4600.00 per month
Employment type: Full time
Location: Canada

Jobs in Canada for Pakistanis

jobs in canada for pakistanisjobs in canada for pakistanis

Some other points of interest for doing jobs in Canada for Pakistanis could be:

● Canada promotes the employment market.

Because of skill shortages in many areas, the Canadian government emphasizes the importance of attracting foreign employees to the country to maintain economic growth. The way Canada handles immigration isn’t new; what has changed in the last two years is the state of the rest of the world. While unemployment in other countries continues to rise, Canada is mostly unscathed.

● Canada has a high standard of healthcare.

The deal is sweetened for ex-pats by Canada’s economical and high-quality healthcare, which is not in short supply. When it comes to making Canada as enticing as possible to migrants, the country and its administration are undoubtedly serious.

● Canada stores cultural diversity.

Immigrants from all around the world have found a warm welcome in Canada. Expats moving to Canada can expect to encounter multicultural communities that are used to interacting and integrating with people from other countries, which can make a major difference in adjusting to your new surroundings.

● Canada has a low crime rate report.

If you want to live somewhere where you can feel completely safe because the crime rate is so low, Canada should be at the top of your list. Canada has one of the lowest rates of crime in the world. In comparison to many other countries, Canadians experience fewer violent crimes, break-ins, and overall crime.

● Canada promotes social programs.

Many beneficial social welfare programs are available in Canada. While the healthcare system has a few flaws, it is a pretty good system that treats people fairly in general. Many social programs focus on education and training to assist people in obtaining highly skilled professions.

● Canada provides an excellent education.

Canada’s educational system is well-balanced, and the country is well-known for providing the necessary money to ensure the success of its institutions.

● Canada has abundant natural resources.

Natural resources such as jewels, fossil fuels, wood, and other building materials abound in Canada. Because of the abundance of natural resources, it is economical to build homes and do home repairs in Canada. Overall, Canada is a wealthy country, which bodes well for its inhabitants who require assistance.

● Canada gifts breadth taking beauty.

From the beaches to the lakes, mountains, and snow-covered tundra, Canada’s natural beauty is as diverse as its population. Canada has everything you could want in terms of magnificent scenery.

Canada has a wide choice of outdoor activities to offer. If you stay in an area like Nova Scotia on the east coast, you’ll have easy access to the ocean for fishing and boating. The country’s central region provides excellent hunting chances. Hiking options abound throughout the country.

● Canada holds a respectful standard in the world.

Canada has a reputation for being a wonderful country that cares for its residents. It is rarely embroiled in international crises, and its people, despite their diversity, live in peace.

What are the rules you need to know before you move to Canada?

Finding new jobs in Canada for Pakistanis is usually at the top of the priority list for new Pakistani immigrants. Many newcomers find that obtaining a job is more difficult than they expected. It’s not easy to start over in a new nation, yet Pakistani immigrants in Canada can begin a successful career.

Here are some key points to help you get started in finding jobs in Canada for Pakistanis:

● Get necessary documentation for entering the country.

Even if you have credentials in your particular sector, this does not automatically guarantee you a job in Canada. Employers in Canada may find it challenging to determine whether foreign credentials match their standards. They may not be familiar with the schools where you went. Employers in Canada typically receive a large number of applications for each vacant position, so they don’t have time to assess your qualifications. This is one of the reasons why some immigrants choose to study in Canada. Newcomers can obtain credentials that employers will recognize by attending a Canadian institution. Employers will recognize the college’s name and will be able to tell if the credentials fit their standards.

● It is advised to create a Canadian-style resume.

Every country has its own set of resume conventions. When applying for jobs in Canada, using the incorrect format can put you out of the running. Employers have been accustomed to receiving resumes in a specific format. They have a hard time reading resumes that are in a different format. Employers are too busy to waste time attempting to decipher unusual resume

● Dive more into networking.

You are unlikely to know many individuals when you first come to Canada. Because many jobs are found through networking, this might be a concern. To boost their prospects of obtaining work in Canada, newcomers must establish new networks. The more people you know, the more individuals will be able to refer you to positions or recruit you at their businesses.

● Get connected with a professional immigrant network (PIR).

Before you can get recruited, you’ll need to network a lot. Joining online local community groups, such as an immigrant-led professional association in the area where you want to live, is a fantastic method to achieve that before you arrive. Employers and other professionals in your sector of employment shape them. They are just as crucial as a family and friend’s social network. PINs can assist you in advancing your career by putting you in contact with other professionals who are familiar with your experience, knowledge, and the labor market for your

● Search for a mentoring program.

Mentoring programs pair you with a well-known Canadian professional for a one-on-one, occupation-specific mentoring relationship. A successful mentoring relationship can help you make important professional contacts, learn about business culture, and obtain insight into the labor market in your field of work.

● List your necessary Canadian accreditations.

Investigate what further qualifications or education you may require to make a successful shift to your chosen job field in Canada. Workers from all over the world with various forms of learning certificates work in Canada’s workforce. To authenticate the credentials of your nation of origin, you may need to complete additional courses or take an exam.

● Enjoy the profit of pre-arrival government programs which are free of cost.

The government provides free services to assist you in finding work more quickly. Before you arrive, you can register online for pre-arrival employment programs such as JVS’ CanPrep program or NextStopCanada. CanPrep matches qualified newbie professionals from all over the world with an Employment Specialist who will guide them through the Canadian employment market.

● Go for volunteer working.

When you initially arrive, don’t rule out volunteer positions as a quick method to build experience. Volunteering activities that are related to your skillset and career should be prioritized. You won’t be able to devote your full work week to volunteer work because you’ll need to focus on your job search. However, volunteering for a few hours a week can help you better grasp the Canadian work culture while also allowing you to develop your technical and communication abilities (perfect your English). It’s also a great way to obtain Canadian references.

What are the jobs in Canada for Pakistanis?

Jobs in Canada for Pakistani skilled professionals can be found and secured with the help of numerous Canadian job websites available on the internet. According to Canadian immigration laws, if a candidate is married, his or her spouse is eligible for an open work permit. Some of the jobs in Canada for Pakistanis are:

  • Specialist physician (374,160 CAD or 47,835,000 PKR annually)
  • Accountant (72,962 CAD or 9,327,825 PKR annually)
  • Financial auditors (106,012 CAD or 13,553,250 PKR annually)
  • Electricians (78,950 CAD or 10,093,185 PKR annually)
  • Software engineer (129,523 CAD or 16,559,042 PKR annually)
  • Project manager (112,248 CAD or 14,350,500 PKR annually)
  • Bookkeeper (32 CAD or 3,990 PKR hourly)
  • Educational interpreter (23 CAD or 2,871 PKR hourly)
  • Customer service assistant (15 CAD or 1,914 PKR hourly)
  • Aquarium interpreter (19 CAD or 2,392 PKR hourly)
  • Sales assistant (18 CAD or 2,324 PKR hourly)
  • Cook (22 CAD or 2,711 PKR hourly)
  • Office assistant (17 CAD or 2,073 PKR hourly)
  • Human resource assistant (20 CAD or 2,552 PKR hourly)
  • Lifeguard (19 CAD or 2,400 PKR hourly)
  • Fruit and vegetable machine operator (20 CAD or 2,560 PKR hourly)
  • Production laborer (20 CAD or 2,480 PKR hourly)
  • Welder (30 CAD or 3,750 PKR hourly)
  • Administrative assistant (30 CAD or 3,830 PKR hourly)
  • Electrical mechanic (58,620 CAD or 7,500 PKR annually)
  • Logistics supervisor (48,650 CAD or 6,218,550 annually)
  • Production worker (16 CAD or 1,100 PKR hourly)
  • Heavy equipment mechanic (48 CAD or 6,060 PKR hourly)

jobs in canada for pakistanis

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It can be time-consuming and complex to apply for a visa or jobs in Canada for Pakistani. With so many deadlines, procedures, and requirements to meet, it’s simple to make a mistake that could jeopardize your opportunity to migrate to Canada. The procedure, however, will be stress-free if you work with one of our professional Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs).

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