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Sudbury is the northernmost town in Ontario with a population of 161,531. It is the largest city in northern Ontario and the fifth largest by size. The city is mainly popular for mining but now it is getting popular for filming, Tourism, Finance, and the health industry. Besides this, the city also has Laurentian University which also attracts a lot of international students from all around the world. The university conducts many research programs which have also improved the development of city areas.

After the rapid development in the city, it has created a lot of employment opportunities among people. This why it has also a good city for immigrants because the city is cheaper as compared to a larger municipal city and has a lot of opportunities. There are a lot of employment opportunities for both skilled and unskilled workers in Sudbury. The city has a number of new jobs opening every single year. So, let’s look into some of the popular jobs in Sudbury.

Employer Name: Canada Job Bank
Position: various
No. of vacancies: 1800
Salary: $850.00 – $7500.00 per month
Employment type: Full time

Teacher: The city has a lot of private and public high schools and colleges. Every year number of new immigrants settled in the city. This has created a huge demand for an experienced teacher. The job has also a good work-life balance and can even come with good pay if you have graduated from a reputed university. In addition to this, if you have experience, this will give you a plus point while getting a job.
Average Salary: $24,527-$235,627

Mining Supervisor: Sudbury has a lot of mining plant which employs thousands of people every single year. Looking into the mining work and making sure everything is going right is another tough task. This is most of the mining plants hire mining supervisors. The jobs can be challenging as one needs to work even during the night shift and sometimes overtime. However, the jobs come with appealing pay which makes them attractive jobs. Experienced professionals can easily get to this work whereas, for new joiners, it can be a bit hard at the
Average Salary: $45,324-$357,442

Hotel Manager: It is another appealing job with awesome perks and appealing pay. As I have already mentioned the city is getting popular for tourism which has created a lot of new opportunities in the recreation sector including hotels, Food, and Accommodation. Getting a job in the tourism sector is not that hard but for a hotel manager, it can be a bit hard but not impossible. If you have good knowledge in management and experience along with it you can easily land into this job.
Average Salary: $67,686-$234,242

Filming and Production: Sudbury is a popular filming location in Canada. Every year number many news films are shoot here. Besides this, the studio has produced a lot of movies and TV series up to now. So, if you expertise on acting, VFX, Programming this city can be the best place for you. The pay for the worker in the film production is also high as compared to other jobs. Having an experience is a plus point in this job as well.
Average Salary: $45,363-$347,527

Accountant or Bookkeeper: Accountant is another popular job in Sudbury getting an accountant job is quite easy if you have the required skills and knowledge. Sudbury has a lot of small to large firms that are always in search of accountants. To keep their day-to-day transactions, bookkeeping and to analyze profit and loss. Anyone having experienced and good knowledge of business management can easily land this job.
Average Salary: $67,297-$243,516

Delivery Driver: Delivery driver is another most in-demand job in Sudbury. The city has a lot of product-based companies that want to deliver their product to customer’s homes. Apart from this, many food chain shops also need delivery drivers. So, if you have a driving permit then you can get this job easily. Besides this, you also didn’t need further experience to start on this job.
Average Salary: $37,642-$158,627

Human Resource Manager: Human resource manager is another popular job in Sudbury. The pay can also be appealing if you have the required skills and experience. Generally, an HR manager is often hired by hotels, Firms, and small businesses. The job can come with good perks and pay. However, the job comes with huge responsibility and management of the firms. So, you need to have strong decision-making skills as well.
Average Salary: $65,152-$143,265

Doctor and Surgeon: Doctor and Surgeon are other most in demand jobs globally not only in Canada. However, getting into this field is also quite hard and difficult as one needs to appear in a lot of exams. They also need to know about the disease as they need to diagnose and treat patients’ injuries. If you have the required skills and degree, you can easily get your job in Sudbury as a surgeon or doctor.
Average Salary: $45,827-$167,242

Electrician and Plumber: Electrician and Plumber is another most in- demand profession across Canada. There are a lot of houses and infrastructure work going on every year. They need to work above the residential building, Bridges, Electric Pole in live current. Similarly some time one needs to work overtime to find the error in the electric grid.

So, very few people are interested in doing such work, so the job demand is also high compared to others.
Average Salary: $26,234-$265,142

Assistant Nurse: Assistant nurse is another popular job in Sudbury. There are a lot of hospitals that are always in search of an assistant nurse. The pandemic has also proved that there are very few nurses for people. To become a nurse one to get certified by the Nursing Association of Canada. Besides this, the working hour for the nurse is also flexible in Sudbury as well.
Average Salary: $23,627-$134,356

The above-listed jobs are some of the popular jobs in Sudbury. The salary figure mentioned in the article might not be that exact it depends upon the company and experience. Besides this, there are many such factors which can change your salary. If you are immigrants coming to Canada for working then make sure to check

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