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Have you ever wondered about working with Alberta health services? You must have thought about the different AHS Jobs and how does it look like. What shall be the payout and perks, and how can you make a healthy well being with Alberta Health service. This is the right place for you to explore everything about the AHS Jobs.
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A brief overview

Alberta Health Services (AHS) is a Canadian healthcare organization that provides healthcare services and promotes wellness in Alberta, where the company is headquartered.

Alberta Health Services was established in 2008 and served Alberta’s 4.4 million residents and some Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and the Northwest Territories of Canada. It is recognized as the first and largest province-wide, fully integrated health system in Canada.

A wide range of flexible work arrangements has previously been available through Alberta Health Services, including occasional, part-time, temporary, and completely remote positions. Over 102,700 people are employed by Alberta Health Services, including more than 11,7000 employees who work for subsidiary companies such as Alberta Precision Laboratories, CapitalCare Group, and Carewest, among others. AHS is committed to fostering an environment in which its team members feel healthy, safe, valued, and encouraged to reach their full potential as part of its corporate culture.

Employer Name: Alberta health services
Position: various
No. of vacancies: 570
Salary$960.00 – $4500.00 per month
Employment type: Full time
Location: Canada

AHS Jobs

AHS JobsAHS Jobs

Developing leadership with Alberta Heath services careers

In addition, AHS Jobs is committed to developing strong leadership to provide this environment for all of its associates. As a result, the company has been recognized as one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers and one of the Top 75 Employers in Alberta. Furthermore, it has received recognition for its commitment to diversity in the workplace.

Alberta health services careers

AHS Jobs and services are also available online. There is a wide range of medical disciplines covered by these programs and services, including addiction and substance abuse, cancer, diabetes, heart and circulation, mental health and wellness, social and family issues, trauma and emergency care, and a slew of others.

This article will closely look into the different types of careers available for AHS Jobs

Why look for Alberta Health services careers?

Health professionals, support workers, volunteers, and doctors, all competent and committed, work together to promote wellness and deliver health care to roughly 3.9 million Albertans each year.

The mission and structure of the organization

Before going for AHS Jobs, you must look at the organizational structure. Patients in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territories are served by the Alberta Health Services (AHS), which serves more than 4.3 million people in Alberta.

To achieve these goals, Alberta Health Services has identified three broad objectives (access, quality, and sustainability), which are further subdivided into eight ‘areas of focus (e.g., improving access to care, being fit for the future, learning and improving), and twenty strategic priorities.

Facilities to know if seeking for Alberta health services careers

So if you aim for AHS Jobs, make sure that you have to adapt to the environment where AHS’s direct responsibility is to provide both ground and air ambulance services throughout the province, delivered via a combination of immediate delivery and contracted service providers.

Process of Hiring at AHS

  1. Create a profile on the internet. The first and most essential step in launching a career with AHS is to visit our online job board and establish a profile for yourself there.
  2. Positions found and applied for.
  3. Making a list of potential interviewees.
  4. It’s time for your interview.
  5. Checking your references.
  6. Your Employment Offer letter
  7. The Onboarding Procedures

Recently posted jobs for fellows looking for Alberta health services careers

If you are looking for AHS Jobs, then do consider these top 20 job options.

  1. Administrative Support
  2. DSL Care Manager
  3. Nurse
  4. Housekeeping jobs
  5. Service worker
  6. Health Research Interviewer
  7. Health care aide
  8. Unit clerk
  9. Data Analyst
  10. Foodservice
  11. Coordinator
  12. Instructor
  13. Consultant
  14. Unit clerk
  15. Pharmacy assistant
  16. Advisor
  17. Emergency Communications officer
  18. Chaplain
  19. Pharmacist
  20. HRBP Advisor

Note: This is a list of only 20 top jobs to consider, so there are more. You can explore them out on the internet and apply to get into the Alberta health service career.

Latest AHS Jobs

AHS Jobs

Registered nurse (R.N.)

1 week ago posted this job

Mental Health Therapist 

2 weeks ago posted this job

Administrative Support II

2 weeks ago posted this job

Licensed Practical Nurse  

2 weeks ago posted this job


2 weeks ago posted this job

Therapy assistant - medical

1 month ago posted this job

Advice for fellows looking for Alberta health services careers

If you are looking for AHS Jobs, then do consider this advice.

  • Do your homework and apply as soon as feasible and as often as possible.
  • Consult with educators/managers about modules that interest you, especially if they are experts in a particular area.\Recognize that you may not be able to get a full-time job right immediately.

You’ll likely have to start in a less formal environment before obtaining a permanent position. Although it is most likely too late for you at this time, any students reading this should consider applying for an undergraduate nursing position if the chance exists. These jobs qualify you as an internal nursing candidate, which may provide you with an edge over other candidates.

  • Apply for a range of nursing jobs that interest you, including opportunities in units that you may think would not hire a new graduate.
  • Many specialised professions have educational programmes and would be willing to hire a recent graduate eager to learn.
  • Please be cautious while applying for jobs that you are likely to hate and eventually end in your exit. It is not a good use of resources for either the recruiting unit or yourself if you go through all that training for nothing.
  • Throughout your last year of high school, make sure your references are in order.
  • Ask your lecturers, tutors, and preceptors a question as soon as you’ve formed a working connection with them. These connections may also lead to future job possibilities; networking may go a long way.
  • Attend resume/interview workshops and job fairs offered by your school, and network with companies.

Moving ahead

Within Alberta Health Services (AHS), there are many opportunities to grow, advance, and change your career path in various healthcare settings.

Alberta health service careers are working to build connections between patients, their families, and various healthcare professionals to improve patient and family-centered care.

Find the job of your dreams!

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