University Health Network Jobs

Initiated and sponsored by a consortium of premier research institutions, the University Health Network Jobs is a program dedicated to the development of a worldwide infrastructure for the ethical gathering and secure use of clinical research data. To achieve its primary objectives, the program will conduct collaborative clinical research to broaden the base of knowledge regarding preventative measures, diagnostic procedures, treatment, and rehabilitation.

About University Health Network

Employer Name: University Health Network
Position: various
No. of vacancies: 4300
Salary$450.00 – $5500.00 per month
Employment type: Full time
Location: Canada

Located on the University of Toronto campus, University Health Network (UHN) Jobs is a research hospital that is also a part of the Toronto Academic Health Science Network. As a result of the breadth and complexity of research conducted at UHN, the institution has emerged as a national and worldwide source for discovery, teaching, and patient care.

The research conducted by UHN’s five research institutes covers the whole range of diseases and disciplines, including cancer, cardiovascular sciences, transplantation, brain, and sensory sciences, musculoskeletal health, rehabilitation sciences, and community and population health. In addition to the Toronto General and Toronto Western Hospitals, the University Health Network (UHN) also comprises the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre (PMC), Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, and the Michener Institute for Education at UHN.

University Health Network Jobs

University Health Network JobsUniversity Health Network Jobs

Key Requirements for applying at UHN Jobs

  • Required: a postsecondary diploma in recreation and leisure studies and/or a comparable degree.
  • Working knowledge of crisis intervention, infection control, and risk management is essential.
  • Previous experience in the design and administration of activities for a residential complex care patient population that includes cognitively impaired and behavioural complicated patients is required.
  • Previous experience working in an interprofessional team is a must.
  • At the healthcare provider level, basic cardiac life support is taught.
  • Demonstrated ability to coordinate and collaborate with volunteers
  • Solid understanding of computer software, databases, and other common office equipment in the workplace
  • Exceptional organizational, communication and interpersonal abilities are essential.
  • Understanding of confidentiality standards, as well as the capacity to adhere to these rules to the maximum extent
  • Good judgment and the capacity to work on one’s own.
  • Working knowledge of health-related policy and laws is desired.
  • Must be fluent in both written and spoken English.
  • Center Consistent attendance is expected.

Hospital Assistant

Patients are transported to various locations throughout the hospital for tests and other procedures, according to an established schedule or as paged/requested. Other responsibilities include picking up and delivering specimens, supplies, dirty/soiled instruments, equipment, and other miscellaneous items to various locations throughout the hospital, according to an established schedule or as paged or requested.

HIS Interface Analyst

This position reports to the HIS Interface Implementation Expert and works in conjunction with the Interface Project Manager to offer main support for the HL7 interfaces to which they are assigned. Interface analysts are responsible for coordinating the analysis, technical design, and all problem triage required to develop and support the interfaces that they have been allocated. Interface Analysts will collaborate closely with the interface project manager, application teams, and technical teams to ensure that interfaces are designed to suit the demands of your end-users.

Technical Analyst

As a Technical Specialist in Network Engineering, you must be an expert in the design, implementation, administration, and support of business LANs, wide area networks, wireless local area networks, virtual private networks, and security networks. You must also have substantial expertise with Cisco, Ruckus Networks, Palo Alto Networks switches, routers, wireless access points/controllers, firewalls, Netscaler load balancers, IPAM, and other network service/support appliances.

The following are the primary responsibilities of a Technical Analyst at UHN Jobs

  • Serves as the resident UHN technical specialist in the areas of Network Engineering and Support.
  • Ensure that enterprise networks operate reliably and efficiently.
  • Troubleshoot difficulties with application and network performance.
  • The performance of the network should be monitored and analyzed.
  • Identify and resolve bottlenecks in network performance.
  • System capacity should be monitored to assess its impact on performance and recommendations should be made to accommodate new or changing network requirements.
  • Upgrades, modifications, or replacements of network infrastructure components should be planned and implemented.
  • Installs and configures all network gear and equipment, including routers, switches, wireless access points, uninterruptible power supplies, and other similar devices.


In addition to a limited number of routine and repetitive activities and functions, the RECEPTIONIST performs clerical support functions such as word processing/typing routine correspondence, etc., and photocopying. The RECEPTIONIST also performs a limited number of routine and repetitive activities and functions such as: performing reception functions, such as answering, screening, and directing telephone calls; scheduling appointments, tests, and visits; maintaining schedules for assigned personnel; and performing reception functions.

Health Surveillance Screener

To help with the screening of employees, patients, and visitors to the different UHN facilities for health monitoring purposes. Availability for shifts that take place seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day is required. You must be available in the early morning, on weekends, and in the evening. Some shifts begin at 6:00 a.m., while others are overnight. Responsibilities of Health Surveillance Screener at UHN Jobs:

  • Patients, visitors, and hospital personnel are screened at all hospital entrances following site protocols.
  • Welcomes patients and visitors and tells them to wash their hands before entering the hospital and to observe current hospital rules, such as masking and other precautions, upon admission into the hospital.
  • If necessary, instructs patients and visitors on how to properly don a mask. Assists patients and visitors as needed, directing them and even accompanying them to their planned destinations.
  • Responds to the questions and concerns of patients and visitors in a professional, polite, and kind way.
  • Complies with the processes laid forth for dealing with patients or visitors who do not pass the screening process.
  • Instructs personnel to check ID badges before entering the hospital and to adhere to current hospital policies, such as masking.

Bioinformatics Analyst

In the laboratory of Dr. Trevor Pugh, Ph.D., at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre / University Health Network Jobs in Toronto, Canada, a full-time Bioinformatics Analyst post is now open. As a key component of several translational genomics projects and platforms, such as the Cancer Genomics Program, Tumor Immunotherapy Program, Princess Margaret Genomics Centre, and the Translational Genomics Laboratory, which is a joint initiative with the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, the Pugh Lab is housed in the MaRS Centre, in the heart of downtown Toronto’s Discovery District.

This is an excellent opportunity for individuals who are scientifically creative, computationally inclined and have a strong genomics background to contribute to our understanding of oncogenic mechanisms active in patients treated with radiation therapy, as well as to evaluate molecular features of treatment response and resistance.

The successful candidate will gain hands-on experience integrating multiple types of next- generation sequencing data (single-cell seq, targeted panels, exome, genome, transcriptome, epigenome, circulating DNA) through the analysis of tissue and blood samples collected before, during, and after clinical trials. The training of researchers to interpret these data in the context of emerging new genomics and machine-learning technologies, rich clinical annotations, tumor models and high-throughput screening data, publicly available large-scale cancer and single-cell data sets, significant data sharing, and high-performance computing infrastructure are all important components of these projects.

Project Analyst

Information Management (IM) project documentation and procurement at UHN Jobs processes connected to small and medium IT projects are the responsibility of the Project Analyst, who works under generally specified rules and procedures and under the direction of the IM Project team. Organization, support, and analysis of IM’s initiatives, as well as the creation of project papers and communication materials, are among her other responsibilities.

Nutrition Aide

The primary responsibilities of the nutrition aide as an integral member of the Nutrition Department are as follows: preparing and stocking the nutrition centre with necessary items for patient meals; preparing tray add-ons, meal changes, and special tube feeding; delivering food trays and snacks to patients; collecting empty food trays from patient rooms; transporting dirty food trucks to the basement; and performing other related tasks as assigned.

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Summing Up

Respect, compassion, and inclusion characterize UHN Jobs as a place of employment. They are devoted to advocating for accessibility, diversity, and equal opportunity for all people and organizations. The candidate must meet the Bona-fide requirements for the vacant job before an accommodation request can be submitted. Accommodation requests can be made at any point in the recruiting process. After being contacted, applicants must express their requirements.

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