Part time jobs Scarborough

Part time jobs in Scarborough are nearly as desirable as acceptance letters to colleges. Apart from looking for courses, college students are equally keen to find work. This is because many students are required to work in order to support themselves or pay for their education.

However, careers for college students are beneficial for more than just earning money. Students who work part-time had higher grades, according to research published in the Journal of College Student Retention, the Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice, and the National Center for Education Statistics. And, as Mount Holyoke College study shown, students with higher grades—combined with a few internships—are more likely to find work within six months of graduation.

Employer Name: Canada Job Bank
Position: various
No. of vacancies: 537
Salary: $982.00 – $3600.00 per month
Employment type: Part time
Location: Scarborough

Part time jobs Scarborough

Part time jobs ScarboroughPart time jobs Scarborough

Which Job Is Best for a Part time jobs Scarborough?

Fitting a job into your schedule may be like to playing Tetris. Between academics, clubs, and maybe Greek life commitments, you need a career that works for you, not the other way around.

A good Part time jobs in Scarborough will enable you to work flexible hours (such as evenings and weekends when you are not in class) and may even allow you to study when the job is not too busy.

Oh, and incentives are always appreciated. Not only will having a job allow you to pay rent, purchase books, and have some cash for Thirsty Thursday bars, but the finest jobs for college students sometimes provide free meals or nice employee discounts.

We compiled a list of the Part time jobs Scarborough (listed alphabetically) that suit your demanding schedule using wage data from the Monster Salary Tool and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Click through the list below to see if you’d want to give one of these careers a go.

1. Animal keeper

What you’d do: Because animals are natural stress relievers, caring for them is an excellent opportunity for college students. Become a dog walker or seek employment feeding, grooming, and caring for animals.

What you’d earn: Pet care employees receive an hourly wage of $13.67.

2. Nanny or babysitter

What you’d do: Are you homesick for your younger siblings? Collaborate with children! Babysitters often spend evenings and weekends, caring for children while their parents are away; nannies monitor children while their parents are at work. Additionally, you may get work at a childcare facility/

What you’d earn: $14.29 per hour as a babysitter

3. Teller a Bank

What you’d do: Banks Part time jobs Scarborough depend on tellers to ensure the accuracy of money counts and other financial activities for consumers. What you’d earn: Bank tellers receive a yearly salary of $29,081.

4. Bartender

What you’d do: As a Part time jobs in Scarborough, you owe your sanity to the divine gift of coffee, which is partly why college towns are densely packed with Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and other quaint small coffee shops. A barista job is ideal for squeezing in a shift before class since it involves taking orders and preparing and serving coffee beverages

What you’d earn: Baristas get an hourly rate of $11.57 plus tips.

5. Dishwasher

What you’d do: Bartenders work in a fast-paced workplace, taking orders, pouring drinks, and preparing cocktails, which are sometimes served in fishbowl-sized glasses. Simply see how famous you become after you obtain this job. Age limits for pouring alcohol vary by state, however bartenders are normally required to be 21 years or older

What you’d earn: Bartenders receive an hourly rate of $11.34 plus tips.

6. Accountant

What you’d do: Both small and big firms need assistance in maintaining accurate records of their financial transactions. Bookkeepers for Part time jobs Scarborough monitor financial transactions, update financial statements, and verify the correctness of financial records using spreadsheets and accounting software.

What you’d earn: Bookkeepers earn an annual salary of $42,779

7. Ambassador for the Brand

What you’d do: As a Part time jobs Scarborough, this is one of the more conspicuous occupations available. Have you ever seen somebody throwing out free items on college, selling Avon or Herbalife products at events, or handing out free Monster Energy drinks across town? Brand ambassadors are compensated for promoting companies and goods, and in certain cases, commission or other incentives are offered for attaining a sales objective.

What you’d earn: Brand ambassadors get a yearly salary of $35,097.

8. Merchandiser

What would you do: Scan and bag and earn a consistent payment. Cashiers process transactions at retail establishments (think grocery shops or the college bookstore) or fast food restaurants such as Taco Bell or Sheetz.

What you’d earn: Cashiers receive an hourly wage of $11.29.

9. Chauffeur

What you’d do: You undoubtedly depend on drivers to get home safely after a night out, but you could always try your hand at DD-ing and finding work as a driver. You’ll need a valid driver’s licence issued by your state, although some states demand a specific licence to offer professional transportation.

What you’d earn: Drivers get an hourly rate of $13.76 plus tips.

10. Fitness instructor

What you’d do: Using your customised fitness regimens, you’d assist yourself and others in avoiding the dreaded “freshman 15.”

Along with a good physical background, you will likely need to obtain certification as a fitness trainer.

What you’d earn: Fitness trainers receive an hourly rate of $20.38.

11. Housekeeper

What you’d do: Look after the property under the Part time jobs Scarborough while the owners are away. (This entails the absence of parties. None.) Before the owners hand you the keys, you’ll need to provide suggestions that demonstrate your accountability and maturity.

What you’d earn: Your salary will be mostly determined by the location of the house, the quantity of maintenance necessary, and the length of time you’ll be caring for it.

12. Information technology support specialist

What you’d do: Have you ever begun writing a paper only to have your computer crash in the middle? It happens to the best of us, and if you like working with computers, an IT support professional position should be ideal for you.

What you’d earn: Computer support experts earn an hourly rate of $21.83.

13. Cook on the Line

What you’d do: Line cooks produce dishes in a fast-paced restaurant kitchen while managing many orders at the same time. Additionally, you may be eligible for a free lunch or reduced meals if you work a shift.

What you’d earn: Cooks receive an hourly wage of $12.95.

14. Licensed Practical Nurse

What you’d do: If you’re planning to work in health care under Part time jobs Scarborough after graduation, an internship at a hospital or senior living facility as an undergraduate should offer you an advantage. Typically, nursing assistants work under the supervision of licenced nurses and help with chores such as cleaning, feeding, and transporting patients.

What you’d earn: Nursing aides get an hourly rate of $15.79.

15. Server in a restaurant

What would you do: Waiters and waitresses for Part time jobs Scarborough, a popular college employment, do more than take orders and serve meals; they also get vital people skills. When you work a shift, you may be eligible for a free lunch or a reduced meal.

What you’d earn: Servers and bussers get an hourly wage of $11.14 plus tips.

16. Retail Sales Representative

What you’d do: As a retail employee, you’d help customers with their purchasing requirements and stock the store. Additionally, you may be eligible for employee discounts or commissions.

What you would create: Retail sales workers have a yearly salary of $29,417.

17. Guard

What you’d do: You may work as a bouncer checking IDs at a bar, or as a security guard at a bank, museum, sports event, or after-hours company.

What you’d earn: Security guards receive an hourly wage of $13.74.

18. Assistant with social media

What you’d do: In this capacity for Part time jobs Scarborough, you’d plan social media postings for brands and businesses on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, using apps like Hootsuite and TweetDeck.

What you’d earn: Social media assistants earn an hourly rate of $28.85.

19. Telemarketer

What would you do: Numerous businesses and charitable organizations—including your school’s alumni association—require callers to sell items, perform surveys, or solicit contributions, often during the nights when you are not in class.

What you’d earn: Telemarketers receive an hourly wage of $15.18.

20. Tutor

What you’d do: Did you get a high SAT score? Or are you a math prodigy or an all- around genius in another subject? There are several chances to tutor children in elementary school, high school, and even college.

What you’d earn: Tutors earn an average of $19.72 per hour.

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