How to migrate to Canada from Nigeria

Following China and India as the top two source countries of immigrants to Canada in 2019, Nigeria was the fourth-leading source country in 2019, with a total of 12,600 Nigerians gaining permanent residence status in the country in only one year, according to Statistics Canada. A permanent resident of Canada has the flexibility to live and work anywhere in the country while benefiting from free healthcare and social services, as well as a high quality of life that is filled with extra pleasures and job opportunities.

So, what are your choices for moving to Canada from Nigeria in the year 2024 and the years after that? If you are looking for possible answers to How to migrate to Canada from Nigeria then you are at the right place. After deciding where you wish to live in Canada, the next step is to choose a visa programme that is appropriate for your requirements and circumstances. In order of popularity, the following are the top five most common means of transportation between Nigeria and Canada.

How to migrate to Canada from Nigeria

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What is the procedure for obtaining Canadian citizenship?

Currently, the country of Canada offers more than 100 different visa and immigration options. Some of these are point-based, meaning that they select candidates based on their scores, whereas others are employer-driven, which means that you must find employment in Canada as the primary requirement in order to obtain permanent residency in Canada. Furthermore, Nigerians with work and educational experience in Canada are now eligible for even more immigration programmes than they were before!

What is it about Nigerians that allows them to be such a success in the United States and Canada? For those who wonder why, it’s possible that their mastery of the English language, their work ethic, and their higher education all play a role if you are thinking about How to migrate to Canada from Nigeria. With our comprehensive evaluation, you will be able to determine if you are eligible to go to Canada and which courses you are eligible to enrol in.

1. Obtain an Invitation to Apply (ITA) by completing the Express Entry application procedure.

Express Entry is the most common immigration route for skilled Nigerian workers who wish to live and work in Canada. In order to get permanent residency via the Express Entry system, which is based on a points-based grid known as the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), the applicant must first receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA). A total of four categories make up the CRS: general, skilled worker, skilled worker, and skilled worker (CRS) and then your answers to How to migrate to Canada from Nigeria will come.

What is the process for getting an Individual Travel Authorization (ITA)?

In order to establish their eligibility for a possible solution to How to migrate to Canada from Nigeria, Express Entry applicants are examined on a number of criteria such as their age, years of work experience, language competence, and degree of educational attainment, among other things. ITAs are awarded to candidates who get the best scores in the biweekly Express Entry draw rounds, which are held every two weeks. There are a few additional methods to improve your CRS score, such as getting a job offer in Canada or winning a provincial nomination, both of which provide 600 CRS points. A wealth of additional information may be found in the area below.

How long does it take for applications to be evaluated and processed via the Express Entry system?

Express Entry is one of the most expeditious ways for Nigerians to immigrate to Canada, with application processing periods as little as six months on certain applications!

2. Obtain a Provincial Nomination (PN)

Do you have a preferred region in Canada where you would want to live? Canada is divided into 13 provinces and territories, 11 of which have their own provincial immigration systems, making it a large nation in terms of population. There are about 80 programmes scattered across the provinces that are taking part in this initiative! According to the government, the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) are projected to admit between 64,000 and 81,500 immigrants into Canada in 2024 for candidates looking for How to migrate to Canada from Nigeria.

A province will nominate you, and you will be allowed to apply for permanent residency in Canada from Nigeria, as well as dwell in the province that nominated you to get a solution for How to migrate to Canada from Nigeria.

What is the process for submitting a nomination to the Provincial Nomination Program?

It is the economic needs of the province or area that determine the formation of public-private partnerships (PNPs). Truck drivers and Francophones are particularly welcome, according to the New Brunswick Provincial Nomination Program (NBPNP), which prioritises competent and intermediately qualified foreign workers. It’s essential to note that certain PNPs need applicants to have either job experience, education, or real employment offers in the countries where they’re applying for the post before they can be considered for How to migrate to Canada from Nigeria option.

If a PNP is not presently taking applications, you may either apply directly to the PNP or send an expression of interest to a province that is looking for someone with your skills via your Express Entry profile if the province is currently accepting expressions of interest.

3. Conduct post-graduate research in Canada to qualify for a Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP)

However, although studying in Canada on a student visa may not instantly lead to permanent residency, it is a great stepping stone that may substantially improve your prospects of success after you graduate from university! As previously said, obtaining a Canadian credential, such as a certificate, diploma, or degree, will be advantageous to you since it will be regarded more useful than foreign credentials in your application for immigration, thus increasing your chances of acceptance.

To top it all off, if you study for more than eight months in a recognised programme in Canada, you may be eligible for a Post-Graduate Work Permit, which allows you to remain in the country and work anywhere in the country for the purpose of acquiring work experience after you graduate from school. In order to acquire permanent residency in Canada from Nigeria for candidats looking for How to migrate to Canada from Nigeria, the most successful recipe is a combination of work experience and education in the country of residence.

4. Look for work as a farmworker or as a caregiver in the United States or Canada.

Agriculture and the care of the elderly are in high demand in Canada, and the nation welcomes foreign workers who work in these areas to come and work in the country via specialised work visa programmes. Agribusiness employs about 2.3 million individuals, the vast majority of whom are seasonal immigrant agricultural labourers who work on seasonal farms.

Canada is the world’s second-largest country, with an agricultural sector that employs about 2.3 million people and is the world’s second-largest exporter of agricultural products. Canada, on the other hand, is seeing a rise in the number of elderly individuals who need care and assistance for How to migrate to Canada from Nigeria.

You should be encouraged to choose a long-term career in Canada’s Great Northern Region as a result of your work experience in the country. Working in a suitable agricultural or caregiving position in Nigeria may qualify you to apply for entry into Canada via the Agri- Food Immigration Pilot and the Home Care Provider Pilot programmes, both of which are administered by the Canadian government.

Only one to two years of work experience in Canada, as well as a job offer from your present employer on a permanent basis, are required for this position for How to migrate to Canada from Nigeria possible answers

If you want to get a job offer from a designated company in Atlantic Canada, you must complete step five of the process.

Using this employer-driven scheme, you may come to Canada from Nigeria and establish a permanent residence in one of the Atlantic provinces, which include New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, and the province of Prince Edward Island. If you wish to work in one of these provinces, you may submit an application for the Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP). Primarily, it is required to obtain a work offer from an authorised employer in one of the provinces as a precondition for being considered. The following is a list of employers who have been recognised for their efforts:

A list of employers who are on the Designated Employer List

  • Prince Edward Island
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Nova Scotia,
  • New Brunswick are included

How much it will cost to immigrate to Canada from Nigeria and how long it would take.

It costs $1,325 to complete a permanent residence application in the United States, which must be paid to the Department of Homeland Security. It is possible that you may need extra settlement money if you do not have a job lined up in Canada to pay your costs. The application fee for a single applicant is about $12,960. You may pay an additional $3,492 for each dependent family member who does not accompany you to Canada if you are applying as a single candidate.

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A Case Study on the Success of Immigration

Chioma and James speak about their positive Canadian immigration experience on their YouTube channel, Flourish in Canada, as well as how they were able to travel to Canada from Nigeria via the Express Entry immigration process. With better job and educational opportunities, as well as access to free health care services, Nigerians in Canada have a higher quality of life than their counterparts in Nigeria.

The free public schools, gorgeous parks, and pleasant outdoor activities in Canada make it a great place to raise a family, and the country is a fantastic place to do it. Compared to most other first-world countries, including Australia and the United Kingdom, the cost of living in Canada is much cheaper, especially in smaller cities.

Is it time for you to begin your immigration journey to Canada? Do you have any questions besides How to migrate to Canada from Nigeria? We, can make the process more easier, faster, and – most importantly – more successful. All you have to do is fill out our application form in order to get an immediate eligibility assessment of your application. Simply said, that’s all there is to it.

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