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The Business Development Corporation (BDC) is the only bank that caters exclusively to entrepreneurs. It encourages Canadian entrepreneurship, with a particular emphasis on small and medium-sized enterprises. From coast to coast, BDC’s Job network of more than 110 business centers provides financing and advisory services to entrepreneurs across all industries. In addition to equity and venture capital, BDC Capital also provides customized growth and business transition capital to its clients.

About BDC

The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) is a bank in Canada that is solely dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs. BDC Jobs was committed to providing a best-in-class client experience and a pledge to improve business experiences for their 50,000+ clients throughout Canada. They wanted to ensure that their 2,300 staff had an equally enriching and engaging experience. However, they intended to go even further than they had already accomplished by being named one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers for the 12th consecutive year. The decision was made to take their recognition program to the next level as a result of this experience.

BDC Jobs

Employer Name: Business Development Bank of Canada
Position: various
No. of vacancies: 412
Salary$754.00 – $2400.00 per month
Employment type: Full time
Location: Canada

bdc jobsbdc jobs

Regional Sales Associate Inside Sales

Based in Toronto, this job will be responsible for In the National Bank Investments division, the Regional Sales Associate (inside sales) reports to the Senior Manager, Internal Sales. Working in collaboration with a Regional Director (Outside Wholesaler) and a Sales Coordinator, the Regional Sales Associate (Inside Sales) is responsible for proactively positioning and selling mutual funds to Investment Advisors and Financial Planners through the IIROC and MFDA channels, respectively. The Regional Sales Associate is responsible for cultivating and maintaining connections with Advisors through business development activities and interactions.

You will, in particular,

  • Make proactive business development phone calls to financial advisers, in accordance with activity targets, in order to propose investment alternatives that match the diverse demands of their customers.
  • Contribute actively to the economic development of the territory in order to achieve the company’s goals for growth.
  • Create, in conjunction with the Regional Director, a segmentation and communication strategy.
  • Conceptualize and convey ideas for business development.
  • Join national business development programs to promote your company.
  • Customer service of the highest caliber is ensured
  • Participate in training courses to ensure that you stay an effective resource person in terms of both products and the market as a whole. Collaborate with other sales associates and sales managers in order to share ideas and referrals, as well as with other internal stakeholders.
  • It may be necessary to travel in certain circumstances.
  • Candidates must be able to recognize and assess the risks associated with the activities of the Wealth Management industry.

Senior Account Manager

At National Bank, a job as a Senior Account Manager involves living up to your objectives by making a positive difference in the lives of our clients and your coworkers. By adopting a welcoming approach and giving high-quality guidance, you will provide clients with a people- centric experience while also assisting them in achieving their business objectives.

In what capacity do you serve?

  • Increase your commercial client base and develop company development strategies by identifying and developing business possibilities in your market.
  • Allowing your clients to achieve their business objectives by recommending financial solutions that incorporate the most appropriate combination of Bank products and services is what you do.
  • Manage relationships with sophisticated clients who have financing needs ranging from $10 million to $150 million in a variety of situations that are frequently transactional in nature, including:
  • Adapt and optimize financial products and sales tactics to meet the changing needs of clients.
  • Provide knowledge and skills in the areas of finance structure, financial analysis, and all aspects of file evaluation.
  • Contribute to the preparation of files, which may include doing financial analyses and establishing corporate financing structures.
  • Participate in negotiations with internal stakeholders (legal advisers, credit department, syndication department, and so on) as well as with external stakeholders (legal advisors, other financial institutions, clients, prospective clients, etc.)
  • The possibility to work on financial syndication in this position will present itself to you.
  • Contract terms and conditions with clients, while ensuring that they are in compliance with risk management standards and profitability requirements.
  • Create a sales and business development strategy for your company.

Business Development Manager

Building solid commercial relationships with merchants in the automobile, leisure, boating, RV, and pool industries, among other industries, is part of the job description of a Business Development Manager (BDM).

Located in Ontario, you will be part of a team of nine Business Development Managers who will report to the Senior Manager in the Consumer Financing Services sector.

Business Development Executive 

In his or her assigned territory, the Business Development Executive generates new revenue and sales growth through the identification, engagement, and acquisition of prospective clients.

He or she does this by

(a) developing new business through prospecting, lead generation, cold calling, scheduling, and leading sales presentations,
(b) aligning the company’s products, services, and value proposition through meaningful sales
presentations, and
(c) assisting in the development of sales presentations.

Responsibilities of a business development executive at BDC Jobs:

  • New sales chances are discovered through inbound lead follow-up as well as outbound cold calling and emailing strategies.
  • Comprehend the requirements and needs of the customer
  • Research accounts are used to discover significant participants and to stimulate interest in a topic area.
  • Account hunting, account farming, contact finding, and other similar activities are all possible options.
  • Selling a wide range of IT services and products, including Application Development, Application Management, Architecture Solutions, Enterprise Applications Services, Big Data, Business Intelligence, and Data Warehouse, Business Analytics, Cloud Computing, Migration, Mobility, and IT Infrastructure Management, to name a few examples.
  • Maintaining clean and adequately formatted database records by monitoring and controlling the updating of information linked to leads, contacts, accounts, and account hierarchies on a regular basis
  • Creating and providing information to possible clients at client meetings, industry exhibits, trade events, and conferences; creating and delivering information to potential clients.
  • Using CRM software, it is possible to keep track of all of your sales administration.

Benefits of doing a job at BDC Jobs

  • By making contributions to a defined benefit pension plan and providing health benefits that are extended to retirees, BDC Jobs assists employees in preparing for the future (with 100 percent premium coverage and no age limit)
  • Additional savings and investing opportunities are available to BDC employees, including the ability to contribute a percentage of their base salary to a group retirement savings plan or tax-deferred savings account (TFSA), with employer contributions matching employee contributions.
  • By using the “Exclamation” recognition tool, employees may acknowledge their colleagues and award them with both monetary and nonmonetary rewards on the spot — the organization also promotes optimism by recognizing remarkable achievements in a variety of categories with the Samara Awards.

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The Business Development Organization (BDC) is a Crown corporation that engages in a variety of financial activities, including secured and unsecured loans, subordinate financing, direct and indirect venture capital (VC) investments, and business advising. BDC Jobs is one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers, according to Business in the Community. BDC’s workplace culture is characterized by its emphasis on creativity, diversity, responsiveness, and agility, among other characteristics.

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