Tim Hortons jobs

Tim Horton is a worldwide famous restaurant chain. And the company is offering many new job opportunities with them. Want to work with one of the biggest restraint chains in the world? Here we have provided all the options you can consider for Tim Horton’s job.

Everything you need to know about Tim Hortons jobs

Tim Hortons is a worldwide fast-food restaurant business headquartered in Canada. Tim Hortons, based in Toronto, offers coffee, doughnuts, and other fast-food products. It is Canada’s largest fast service restaurant franchise and has 4,846 locations in 14 countries. In Hamilton, Ontario the business was established in 1964 by Canadian hockey legends Tim Horton and Jim Charade after an early attempt in Hamburger foods. Horton formed a partnership with investor Ron Joyce in 1967, and following Horton’s death in 1974, Joyce took control of the company. Joyce grew the company into a multibillion-dollar enterprise. Charade left the group in 1966 and re-joined temporarily in 1970, 1993, and 1996.

Employer Name: Tim Hortons
Position: various
No. of vacancies: 270
Salary$860.00 – $12500.00 per month
Employment type: Full time
Location: Canada

Tim Hortons jobs

Tim HortonsTim Hortons


Find Tim Hortons jobs

Here are the some of the Tim Hortons jobs offering which you can apply and get the chance working with the Tim Horton.

1. Foodservice attendant

The candidate work includes food preparation, food handling, and serving, etc. Food attendants are employed by restaurants, cafeterias, diners, motels, and other foodservice businesses of all sorts of food and dining activities. The food service supervisor or kitchen manager supervises food attendants, who work all shifts, including weekends and holidays. Food servers are recruited on a full-time or part-time basis and are rarely asked to travel. Food attendants’ specific job responsibilities vary on the restaurant where they work, the menu options, and the number of food service stations in the dining rooms.

Key responsibilities:
  1. Food attendants manage the buffet by organizing and plating buffet products, breaking down and cleaning buffets, and replenishing buffet meals as needed.
  2. Food attendants restock napkins, cutlery, plates, and condiments as needed on foodservice stations throughout meal service.
  3. Food Attendants Assist with Meal Preparation, Making and Serving Salads, House Dressings, and Specialty Drinks
  4. Food attendants answer phones and accept client delivery orders.
  5. Clean Workspaces, Before, during, and after meal service, food helpers clean all dining, food service, and kitchen areas.
  6. Observe the Food Safety Guidelines Food helpers adhere to all food safety and sanitation laws at all times. This involves handwashing, garbage removal, and cleaning of dining areas.
  7. Food attendants should answer inquiries and give menu suggestions to sell more things.

2. Food counter attendant

A restaurant counter attendant’s work includes taking orders from clients. This is most common at fast-food restaurants, movie theatres, and canteens. In certain circumstances, food counter workers may be required to create simple dishes upon client request. One of the most critical aspects of the work is customer service. It’s an excellent part-time option.

Key responsibilities:
  1. Taking customer orders
  2. Customers are given tokens to receive their ordered food from a separate window in some professions.
  3. Assuring that customer receive their meals precisely as ordered, customizing regular dishes to fit the order.
  4. Creating invoices and collecting money
  5. Keeping meticulous records of all financial transactions
  6. From behind the counter, serve modest meals and drinks.
  7. It’s also possible that you’ll be asked to prepare inventory lists and arrange ingredient orders.
  8. Assuring that consumer receive their orders as soon as possible
  9. Providing excellent customer service and satisfaction

3. Foodservice supervisor

Food service supervisor in Tim Horton jobs is needed to hire and train food service personnel, keep track of employee schedules, and deal with client complaints. The company is searching for an experienced food service manager. The food service manager’s duties will include making sure all meals are correctly portioned and presented and dealing with client concerns.

You also need to help serve clients and handle payments at busy times to speed up service. You must be skill-oriented and educated about food health and safety standards to be a successful food service manager. Finally, a great food service supervisor must multitask while also demonstrating strong leadership, problem-solving, and customer service abilities.

Key responsibilities:
  1. Assist all food service personnel and give any necessary training.
  2. Implement all procedures and suggest enhancements to supply ordering functionality and verify timeframes and keep a payroll attendance sheet.
  3. For any HRD concerns, coordinate with the Unit Manager/Assistant Manager.
  4. Maintain and ensure that all organizational policies are by regulatory agency standards.
  5. Maintain the correct temperature of food line products following regulatory board guidelines, and create an efficient serving line.
  6. Oversee food package shortlisting through an efficient selection and removal procedure, as well as daily reports.
  7. Recruiting, training, and supervising personnel in the foodservice industry.
  8. Assuring that consumer are provided high-quality meals on schedule.

4. Baker

Bakers in Tim Horton jobs are needed to prepare baked products using their knowledge and need to prepare high quality food accordingly. The candidate weight and measure raw ingredients, bake and decorate food items, and check that all natural and finished goods meet quality and food safety requirements. We’re looking for talented, creative bakers committed to providing quality baked goods service in a timely and professional way.

The baker will create, execute, and develop new recipes, do quality checks on ingredients and completed items, enhance item presentation with icing, glazes, fillings, decorations, and handle client orders. You’ll also greet customers, answer inquiries, clean workstations. To be a good baker, you must be organized and emphasizing food quality and client happiness.

Key responsibilities:
  1. Developing something new and improving recipes.
  2. Making baked items such as cookies, bread, and cakes by measuring and mixing ingredients and utilizing mixers, blenders, heat sources, and other equipment.
  3. Ingredients and finished items are tested to verify that they comply with food safety and quality standards.
  4. Customers are greeted, inquiries are answered, recommendations are made, purchases and money are accepted, and excellent customer service is provided.
  5. Keeping track of a delivery, inventories, and output.
  6. Taking customer information and assuring correct and timely delivery.
  7. Cleaning and sanitizing and preparing all equipment for the following shift

5. Attendant food service counter

A restaurant counter attendant’s work in Tim Horton jobs includes taking orders from clients. This is most common at restaurants. One of the most critical aspects of the work is customer service in Tim Horton jobs. The tasks and duties of the food counter employees are straightforward and uncomplicated.

These responsibilities and abilities for a Food Counter Attendant Resume highlight an individual’s ability to manage food and beverage products while also interacting with customers efficiently. These personnel are the primary staff who bring money for various restaurant businesses. Work as a food counter attendant is ideal for someone looking for hands-on experience in the foodservice and hospitality industry.

Key responsibilities:
  1. Receiving customer orders
  2. Giving clients tokens to receive the ordered food from a different window is a requirement for several employment.
  3. Ensure that customers receive their meals precisely as ordered, which may need customizing regular items to meet the request.
  4. payment collection
  5. Keeping records of all financial transactions.
  6. Making inventory lists and placing orders for ingredients may also be necessary.
  7. Providing excellent customer service and ensuring that customers are satisfied

6. Shift manager fast food restaurants

Shift managers are essential components of running successful restaurant businesses because they have a strong dedication to customer service and supervise other employees. Fast-food restaurants, that provide food and drink to customers rely on their leadership to provide a pleasant and consistent experience. Shifts might include early mornings, evenings, weekends, and holidays, depending on requirement in Tim Horton jobs.

The office may be congested and stressful at peak hours, such as lunchtime rushes. Company is searching for a shift manager with natural leadership skills to cover the manager’s shifts. To ensure that restaurant operations operate well, the shift manager oversees workers and keeps track of inventory levels. A competent shift manager is someone who has worked in a restaurant and has strong interpersonal skills.

Key responsibilities:
  1. Assign duties to employees.
  2. Throughout the shift, keep an eye on your employees.
  3. Keep an eye on your inventory levels.
  4. As required, place additional orders for inventory.
  5. Make sure there are adequate employees for the shift.
  6. Organize your reservations.
  7. Resolve a disagreement amongst co-workers.
  8. Receipt of consumer feedback and resolution of any problems

7. Kitchen helper

Kitchen assistants in Tim Horton jobs assist with the cleaning, maintenance, preparation, and stocking of restaurants, hospitals, schools, and nursing homes kitchens. They clean kitchens, wash dishes and assist cooks in the preparation of meal components. a dedicated kitchen assistant to clean, store, and maintain the kitchen, as well as assist with meal preparation. Retrieving goods from the refrigerator, freezer, and stockroom, measuring ingredients according to the cook’s orders, and clearing leftovers from clients’ plates, bowls, and glasses are all responsible for the kitchen helper.

To be effective as a kitchen helper in Tim Horton jobs, you must have a thorough understanding of safe food handling practices and identify expired or damaged items in the refrigerator, freezer, and stockroom. Finally, a fantastic kitchen helper should observe all food health and safety laws while also demonstrating remarkable organizational abilities to guarantee that kitchen chores are completed on time.

Key responsibilities:
  1. Washing, peeling, chopping, and slicing food for the chef.
  2. Assisting kitchen personnel with the unloading of food deliveries from delivery vehicles.
  3. Dishes, utensils, culinary tools, and cutting boards should all be well cleaned and dried.
  4. All tools, culinary instruments, plates, and cutting boards should be neatly placed in their designated areas.
  5. As needed, putting together takeout orders.
  6. Garbage removal, bag replacement, and garbage can be cleaning
  7. Whenever necessary, mop and clean the kitchen areas.
  8. Food safety requirements are followed when storing materials and food items.

8. Administrative assistant

Managers, other staff and office visitors are assisted by administrative assistants through many duties to guarantee good and profitable interactions between the firm and the others. Company is looking for a specialist with several tasks and good communication skills and a positive mentality. Candidates should encourage the management and all visitors of the company via the administration of their officer duties, provide helpful and professional support through telephone, e-mail and e-mail, make reservations or travel arrangements and be helpful and enjoyable at work.

They should constantly be prepared and responsive, ready to take on any issue front on. Administrative assistants must be proficient in using computers, doing regular office chores, and communicating verbally and writing. Administrative assistants should, above all, have a genuine desire to help people.

Key responsibilities:
  1. Filing, preparing reports and presentations, setting up for meetings, and reordering supplies are all office activities that must be completed.
  2. By booking meetings and avoiding conflicts, we can provide real-time scheduling assistance.
  3. Making travel plans, such as booking flights, renting a vehicle, and making reservations at hotels and restaurants.
  4. Calls are screened and sent to the proper person.
  5. Computers are used to make reports, transcribe meeting minutes, construct presentations, and do research.
  6. Visitors must be greeted and assisted.
  7. Maintain professional contact via phone, e-mail, and postal mail.

9. Manager fund development

Managers fund development in Tim Horton jobs are in charge of overseeing and coordinating all fundraising efforts inside a company. They collaborate with internal staff as well as external clients, funders, and community members. Tim Horton is looking for an experienced fund manager with solid leadership and networking capabilities. The fund manager will be in charge of making positive connections with potential contributors and clients in various industries, interacting with the general public and internal teams, assigning duties, and developing strategies to meet yearly goals

To be a good manager fund development, you must know marketing tactics and comfortable conducting research in many fields. A successful fundraiser should be able to make presentations to various groups and have excellent public speaking abilities.

Key responsibilities:
  1. As needed, write, submit, and publish press releases.
  2. Writing financing proposals and presenting them to potential sponsors is a time-consuming process.
  3. Budgeting every quarter.
  4. Inventing novel techniques to promote awareness.
  5. Using a range of marketing and promotional tactics.
  6. Developing positive connections with employees, the general public, and the media.

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Tim Horton is a renowned name in the restaurant industry, offering its services in many countries around the globe, and now you have an opportunity to work with them. Here we have provided all the necessary information you need to know about the Tim Hortons job.

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