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In this digitalized world, want to work for the most comprehensive online trading platform? Shopify is one of the biggest online platforms where anyone can buy or sell their different products. Shopify is offering its services in most parts of the world, including Canada. And also, Shopify has introduced Shopify careers to train new generation employees and students. Now you can quickly join the Shopify careers teams and learn and grow with them. Here we have provided all the information related to Shopify careers.

Employer Name: Shopify
Position: various
No. of vacancies: 370
Salary$360.00 – $2500.00 per month
Employment type: Full time
Location: Canada

Shopify careers

Shopify careersShopify careers

What is Shopify and Shopify careers?

Shopify is a subscription-based platform that allows anybody to develop and sell their products in an online store. In physical locations, store owners may sell products by using our Shopify POS, point of sale app and hardware. Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows you to quickly develop and sell your perfect product to your consumers, regardless of where in the globe they are. The Shopify App Shop and APIs make it easy to customise or create business from scratch. Shopify is been made to adapt and expand business continuously, whether a customer need a tiny shop or want a unique shopping experience further. Shopify is offering their services o fulfil their needs and demands.

What are Shopify careers?

Shopify is redefining the modern economy’s rules. Shopify provide a great platform for purchasing and selling different products. Shopify is expanded to 7000 workers since 2006, and creating technologies to assist merchants in producing over $200 billion in sales across 175 countries. Shopify also offers working opportunities in the Shopify careers. Here are the some of them:

1. Product Revenue Operations Lead

In Revenue Operations position You’ll be responsible for improving our existing marketing and sales funnels, serving as a liaison between finance, sales, and marketing stakeholders, and delivering timely data-driven feedback to sales and marketing teams.

This position demands someone to see the broad picture and provide the groundwork for the program from the ground up. Merchant Services Revenue Operations is a new application of an existing craft that will serve as the central point of contact for marketing and revenue operations on Shopify and Shopify careers.

Key responsibility:
  1. Within our Merchant Services product teams, you will be in charge of leading and creating a product-focused Revenue Operations program.
  2. Detailed sales and marketing funnel analysis versus objectives, with rapid input to marketing and capacity planning teams so they may swiftly react to shifting needs.
  3. Working across disciplines (product, sales, data, and marketing) to provide unified solutions that assist our merchants and go-to-market teams in becoming more successful
  4. Working with platforms like Salesforce to create and deploy effective revenue strategies.
  5. Designing data structures and reporting on time and understanding if duties assigned in Shopify careers.

2. Retail Supply Chain Lead

Shopify Retail is a Shopify business that creates the software and hardware that runs retail stores and in-person vendors. Shopify’s cutting-edge products and broad reach are revolutionizing in-person commerce, and the team is developing more new easy way of doing business in the modern world. the Retail Supply Chain team is in charge of ensuring that our hardware goods are delivered to the proper location, on time, every time. And with complete ownership and control of our end-to-end Supply Chain, you’ll be a vital member of the Shopify Retail team.

Key responsibilities:
  1. Lead a Retail Supply Chain (RSC) team of five or more direct reports, providing coaching, mentoring, and daily decision-making support as needed to build and expand talent.
  2. Educate the team and the company on the long-term consequences of supply chain decisions.
  3. To grow the company’s function while staying compliant, identify, select, and deploy the best-in-class technologies and processes.
  4. Ensure that planning is meticulous and that all risks are conveyed to the organization and suppliers quickly.
  5. Collaborate cross-functionally with diverse departments to provide the optimum product portfolio planning and management.
  6. To rectify and enhance performance, keep track of KPIs, and build reporting models.

3. Warehouse Systems Specialist

In Warehouse Systems Specialist, you will be responsible for ensuring that a high-quality, dependable product which is produced to meets the demands of users. The program you’ll be working on has many moving parts and will require collaboration with many different development teams. You’ll be debugging and reporting software issues. You’ll also play a crucial part in real-time problem-solving and advising our users on working around problems. This position will need you to collaborate with the clients to analyse and discuss concerns and plan long- term solutions.

Key responsibilities:
  1. Perform the software bug fixes and restore the system problems.
  2. Problems should be reported to the relevant engineering team, and solutions should be worked out together.
  3. Communicate and advice to clients on how to deal with software problems
  4. Creating tools to detect developing concerns before they become a problem
  5. Developing our dependability standard operating procedures and working on different difficulties and solutions
  6. Working with project managers to find solutions to software issues and requests that our clients have raised.

4. Merchant Education Lead

As Merchant Education Lead, you will develop consumer education and online training programs. You will be in charge of our education plan, which will provide our SFN merchants with the skills they need to succeed. Working with Operations, Support, UX, and Product Marketing, you will provide specialized merchant training and material that will help our merchants adapt and develop their products. In this job, you will collaborate with cross-functional stakeholders (including content experts) to provide instructional content to clients at various phases of their SFNs journey.

Key responsibilities:
  1. Collaborate with Product Marketing, Content Specialists, UX, Operations, and Support teams and vendors, partners, and agencies to execute on our team’s goals. OKRs
  2. Encourage a culture of innovation, action-oriented thinking, and a strong desire to provide excellent customer service.
  3. Collaborate with stakeholders to create written and video material that will be delivered across various channels and platforms, including email, LMS, and more.
  4. Collaboration with advocates and students to enhance our educational program continually.
  5. Work closely with internal teams to establish priorities, cooperate on training and education programs, and convey the long-term strategy and progress.
  6. As needed, take on learning design, program management, and completion responsibilities.

5. Strategic Specialist – Partner Governance

Partner governance is assigned to minimize and eliminate the technical issues. You will work with the technical team and help them in resolving issues and fixing bugs. You’ll also assist in raising awareness of all thing’s governance throughout our Ecosystem PL and share your findings with the analysts and program managers so that they can provide for product solutions. You will eb learning a lot of things with the Shopify Careers.

Key responsibilities:
  1. Leading in investigating and responding to significant complaints of breaches in our ecosystem and sharing the findings with our partner community.
  2. Making complex judgments regarding enforcing regulations when there are actual, severe repercussions to a company’s or individual’s performance, especially in time-sensitive situations
  3. Getting cross-functional teams within Shopify, such as Product, Marketing, Support, Partnerships, Legal, and Leadership, to agree on precedent-setting cases.
  4. Continuously communicating key issues and activities to maintain visibility across our Ecosystem PL.
  5. Attend RCA’s following significant events and take action on any input to ensure Partner Governance and the Ecosystem PL continue to improve.

6. Operations Manager, Team and Culture

The Merchant Services Product team at Shopify careers employs over 1500 individuals and is responsible for creating Shopify’s first-party apps and developing our future generation of goods and services. You’ll collaborate with senior leadership across disciplines to ensure that we’re building a high-performing, engaged, and healthy workforce. Continue reading if you’re interested in tackling complicated organizational challenges in both digital and real-world settings.

To be effective in this job, you must be an excellent communicator and experienced designer passionate about assisting people in better connecting with their teams, leaders, and work, especially as we grow internationally in a Digital by Default environment. You’ll also supervise a team of coordinators that will assist with Merchant Services-wide events and product-specific team/culture activities.

Key responsibilities:
  1. To keep teams linked across time zones, plan/own, and execute Merchant Services team rituals and activities. Consider digital events and patterns like Town Halls, Summits, and AMAs for a big company.
  2. To inform team ops/culture priorities, create and manage a calendar of events and milestones.
  3. Use Slack, team meetings, podcasts/videos, and other events/media to find new methods to build team relationships in a Digital by Default setting.
  4. Closely analyse and support the team and completing the assigned tasks on time.

7. Overnight Support Advisor

A Support Advisor’s job, also known as a Customer Service Representative in the business. You need to have an effective and efficient on many other occasions. You will work as an Overnight Support Advisor in a vibrant, varied, and supportive workplace.

You won’t always have the answers to the questions you’re asked, so being resourceful is essential! Human-cantered, high-quality client experiences are necessary to us. You’ll be available to listen, teach, problem-solve, and explore development possibilities with Shopify businesses. And you’ll be on hand to connect merchants with new features and plans so they can get the most out of the Shopify platform.

Key responsibilities:
  1. Before going to live channels, you’ll have 5 weeks of training and coaching.
  2. Smaller teams with more support.
  3. A workplace that is open to everybody in Shopify Careers.
  4. Work entirely from home, from any location in your home.
  5. You get to work for a rapidly expanding global IT firm without having to commute.

8. Senior Lead – Customer Support

At Shopify, a Senior Lead will mentoring and leading large teams (with a broad scope of 300+ people), your work as a Senior Lead will increase customer happiness and value and sustain and promote Advisor engagement for people who use Shopify Support. With Support Leadership and several teams around the organization, this is a very collaborative job in Shopify Careers.

Key responsibilities:
  1. Oversee and direct all Leads in your region’s leadership development.
  2. Work closely with our Merchants or Shopify on any value generation or effort reduction ideas.
  3. Analyse and show statistics on Support and your region’s performance.
  4. Manage and contribute to implementing new projects with the Advisor team by working with the Advisor Leadership team
  5. Collaborate with the Support Operations, Quality Assurance, Workforce Planning, Technical Support, Knowledge Management, Training, and Talent Teams.

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Spotify can the best platform you can work on because of many reasons. Shopify is the new age business platform where anyone can buy or sell their products in one place. Also, Shopify careers are offering job opportunities from students to job professionals. Here above, we have provided all the information related to Shopify careers.

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