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Hydro One based in Rexdale, ON, CA is inviting applications from suitable candidates for the position of Service Management Analyst who are self-motivated and have good interpersonal skills. Hydro One is proud to serve nearly 1.4 million customers as Ontario’s largest electricity transmission and distribution provider. We have a long history in the industry, dating back more than 110 years to 1906. Since then, we’ve worked to expand and evolve in order to meet the changing needs of our customers and communities across Ontario. Today, we are focused on providing exceptional customer service and ensuring that the communities in which we live, work, and play are safe. The candidate who got selected will be required to start work as soon as possible. The vacancies refer to Permanent employment and Full time job.

Employer Name: Hydro One
Position: Service Management Analyst
No. of vacancies: 3
Salary: $166,558-$180,021/ Annually
Employment type: Permanent employment, Full time
Location: Rexdale, ON, CA

Job Description

  • The candidate will be expected to assist in customer service management functions pertaining to Telecom customer contracts and to support the Service Manager.
  • When meeting with customers or Sales Representatives, the candidate must communicate effectively and appropriately.
  • The candidate will be expected to provide departmental tools for submitting Incident Requests for the installation and commissioning of customer services using standard processes.
  • The candidate will be expected to prepare customer reports, use departmental systems, and make recommendations for process automation where applicable.
  • As needed, the candidate will be required to visit customer sites to promote Hydro One Telecom Services.
  • The candidate will be required to submit all relevant information to the Telecom Operations Provisioning Group for each new customer service contract as required.
  • The candidate will be expected to attend progress meetings, document project status, and provide written information to customers and management, including project in-service dates.
  • The candidate will be expected to assist in obtaining customer service acceptance.
  • The candidate must recommend ways to improve the customer service processes.
  • The candidate will be expected to record and distribute customer contractual information to the appropriate work groups within the department.
  • The candidate will be expected to collaborate with internal staff to ensure the smooth delivery of customer services.
  • The candidate will be expected to assist in the preparation of Customer Satisfaction Surveys, including documentation, and to conduct follow-ups as needed.
  • The candidate must prepare and maintain customer contact information for Hydro One Telecom services, as well as follow guidelines to ensure information is kept up to date.
  • The candidate will be expected to maintain contract files and follow established processes for legal paperwork distribution.
  • The candidate will be expected to monitor costs and keep them as low as possible in line with job requirements, as well as review costs and provide explanations for variances from estimated costs.
  • The candidate must plan for and track the purchase of customer service materials.
  • When visiting a Telecom site or arranging for customer site visits, the candidate will be required to follow procedures and practises, whether safety or otherwise.
  • The candidate will be expected to help evaluate new Customer Management processes.
  • The candidate will be required to perform other duties, as required.

Job Requirements

  • The candidate should be fluent in English language.
  • The candidate must have completed four years of university education (Grade XII plus 5 years).
  • To effectively prepare correspondence, assist in discussions, or interact with customers, the candidate should have excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • The candidate should be familiar with business administration and computer technology in order to assist in the management of contractual agreements and processes for analysing, presenting, and reporting data.
  • The ideal candidate will have a solid understanding of telecom services as well as business processes related to customer service functions.
  • The candidate should have previous experience updating and extracting data from CRM, ITSM, and Granite.
  • The candidate should be familiar with customer surveys and be able to work effectively with a diverse group of people.
  • The candidate should be familiar with various software applications such as MS Office and Excel, as well as the ability to manipulate data in order to produce various technical reports.
  • The candidate should have excellent time management skills and the ability to prioritize work.
  • The candidate should have strong organizational skills with the ability to multi-task.
  • The candidate should be able to work independently and as part of a team.
  • The candidate should be organized and flexible in nature.
  • The candidate should give importance to values and ethics.
  • The candidate should have excellent oral and written communication.
  • The candidate should be punctual.
  • The candidate should be a good team player with enough interpersonal and judge-mental skills.
  • The candidate should be energetic with a positive attitude
  • The candidate should be hardworking.
  • The candidate should be accountable.
  • The candidate should be reliable.
  • The candidate should be good listener
  • The candidate should have excellent customer service skills.
  • The candidate should have leadership skills to take control of a situation and make quick decisions when necessary
  • The candidate should have an eye for details to submit work or send communications without error.
  • The candidate should have the ability to work quickly without compromising quality
  • The candidate must be approachable and helpful.
  • The candidate must be capable of acting on their own initiative.
  • The candidate should be bondable and easily communicate
  • The candidate should have a thorough Criminal record check.
  • The candidate should have strong critical thinking skills.
  • The candidate must be able to work well in a fast-paced environment
  • The candidate should be willing to work under pressure.
  • The candidate should be required to perform repetitive tasks on frequent basis.

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