Rural and Suburban Mail Carrier

Applications are being accepted for the role of rural and suburban mail carrier, according to a notice from Canada Post. During face-to-face interactions with clients, candidates must project a polite and positive attitude.They must be able to swiftly gather, sort, and deliver mail items. Examples of the local infrastructure that needs to be familiarised with and maintained are the roads, clients, and delivery containers. When they do receive mail, they should keep it secure.They should feel at ease driving and making deliveries in a range of weather and traffic situations.

Employer Name: Canada Post
Position: Rural and Suburban Mail Carrier 
Salary: $44,425 per year 
Employment Type: On Call 
Location: Thamesford,ON, CA

Job description

  • The candidates will handle a wide range of goods and services, including bills, delivered goods, damaged mail, and notices of address changes.
  • They make sure that Canada Post is identifiable by wearing its identity when they pick up and deliver mail to clients.
  • They will lift anything that they can carry and lift up to 50 lb/22.7 kg.

Job requirement

  • Applicants must be able to carry at least 100 cubic feet of cargo.
  • A Canada Post sign and flashing light should be able to be installed thanks to the metal roof-top and accessory power outlet.

Work setting

  • The way that applicants used their cars while working for Canada Post must be disclosed to the insurance company.
  • They need to have an accident-free driving history.
  • Their driver’s licence from the province ought to be in effect.


  • The candidates will be paid competitively.
  • Large classrooms will be entertaining for them. 
  • The rights to job safety and duty training will be granted to them. 
  • They will be able to work for an extended period of time.

How to apply

We respectfully request that all qualified candidates for the position of Rural and Suburban Mail Carrier click the link below and register as soon as possible. They are requested to provide accurate information when completing the registration form. The process of registering is presently in progress.

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