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Your very own outdoor workplace might be situated in one of Canada’s most renowned natural locations. Take a look no further if you enjoy spending time outside and are seeking Canada fresh start or a new profession. These Parks Canada jobs are at the ideal possible location for your 9-5, and some of them do not require any previous work experience or education.

About Park Canada

The Dominion Parks Branch, the predecessor to the government body that is today known as Parks Canada, was founded in 1911. It was the world’s first national parks service, and it was tasked with overseeing a limited number of protected areas. 100 years after its founding, Parks Canada oversees a vastly expanded network of protected areas that spans the whole country, including 42 national parks and park reserves, 167 national historic sites, and 4 national marine conservation areas and marine parks.

Parks Canada Jobs

Employer Name: Parks Canada
Position: various
No. of vacancies: 90
Salary$790.00 – $2300.00 per month
Employment type: Full time
Location: Quebec

Parks canada jobsParks canada jobs

Account Manager

  • Supervisory responsibilities include overseeing the project management of digital marketing, web development, and other creative projects (for example, website/software development; digital advertising; SEO; email marketing; Social Media Management; landing page development; video; logo design; stationary/collateral; and so forth).
  • Ensure that solutions are delivered on schedule and successfully in accordance with the needs and objectives of customers.
  • Create and implement strategies for clients in the areas of digital marketing, web development, and creative solutions where there is a chance for the client to achieve improved company performance.
  • Answer and reply promptly to client emails and phone calls; facilitate client meetings; and prepare and distribute performance reports are some of the responsibilities.
  • Product and service concerns should be identified in advance and resolved as soon as they arise.
  • Work with the development, digital, creative, and content teams to continuously improve client websites and digital marketing campaigns in order to achieve maximum success and to better support the overall success of the given strategy and strategy implementation plan.
    ● Develop a strategy with Tbk’s leadership, participate in sales and consulting meetings, and aid in the development of Statements of Work in collaboration with Tbk.
    ● Conscious and successful management of account budgets is essential.

Strategic Account Manager

  • Manage major accounts in a variety of countries and locations, including, but not limited to, Europe, the United Kingdom, and Canada, among others.
  • Construct a customer operational plan, which outlines the strategy and methods to be used in order to meet financial objectives.
  • Recognize, coordinate, and close new sales opportunities with current clients
  • Investigate and identify new consumer prospects, with a strategy in place to turn them into paying customers.
  • Enhance customer accounts by improving the quality of promotions supplied through better artwork, expanding the length of the promotion, and positioning products in stores to increase consumer product awareness and interest.
  • Customer complaints with SKU listings are addressed and resolved as soon as they occur.
  • Business Development and Marketing strategy should be clearly articulated to assist in crucial decision-making procedures.
  • Using trade price rules for the applicable channel type and brand, create Customer Specific Price Lists for your customers.
  • When determining the price of a product for shows and flyer support, take into account backend solutions.
  • Internal and external stakeholders must have strong and effective communication
    channels established.
  • Product knowledge among buyers, store owners, and sales representatives continue to improve as a result of the development of initiatives.
  • Contact Management Software should be kept up to date (Epicor CRM).
  • Work in collaboration with the Demand Planner on forecasting and forecast reporting activities.
  • To assist with expansion endeavors, brochures, product information sheets, trade show visuals, and other marketing collateral should be developed, as well as proper copywriting and translations procured.
  • Learn as much as you can about Caframo end users, and then supply the organization with projects that will keep their interest in the Caframo products going.
  • New and existing customers can benefit from your customer service skills.
  • Ensure that contract allowances, back-end and defect rates are accurate and appropriately managed in Epicor CRM by overseeing contract management activities and reporting.

Animal Service Officer

As a member of the Animal Services team at Parks Canada Jobs, you will be in charge of the following: enforcing the City of Winnipeg Responsible Pet Ownership By-law including license enforcement, neighborhood animal-related complaints, animals running at large and stray pick- up, excess animal permits, education, and enforcement; promoting responsible pet ownership through education and enforcement.

As the first Animal Services Officer in Parks Canada Jobs, you will be responsible for the following: Enforcing pet licensing regulations and issuing infraction notifications as needed.

  • Respond to complaints about Responsible Pet Ownership as quickly and courteously as possible, including conducting an investigation and following up.
  • Participates in the investigation of hazardous dog and bite allegations, which includes conducting interviews with witnesses and documenting their testimonies. Additionally, creates offense notifications and completes internal reports as needed.
  • Patrol allocated areas such as neighborhoods, dog parks, and school grounds, collecting and relocating animals that have gotten out, as well as filling out reports on the animals.
  • Ensure that animals are treated with compassion.
  • Animals will be transported as needed.
  • Return the animals to their owners in accordance with established protocols.
  • Participates in promotional activities and disseminates information on responsible pet ownership, municipal by-laws, and encourages adherence to these rules and regulations.
  • Records and reports must be prepared, generated, and maintained as needed.
  • Subpoenas and court-ordered warrants should be served when needed.
  • Attend court as a representative of the City of Winnipeg and provide evidence to the judge.
  • Assist with the adoption process if and when necessary.
  • Assist consumers in an office setting.
  • Identify and respond to complaints about exotic animals such as livestock, snakes, and other reptiles, monkeys, and other such creatures.

Building Worker

In addition to performing janitorial responsibilities and basic maintenance on municipal facilities, the Structure Worker at Park Canada Jobs is also responsible for the overall appearance of the building. The capacity to acquire new and effective cleaning procedures and the knowledge of standard cleaning methods are essential components of the job. This position is responsible for ensuring that the facilities are clean. As a Building Worker, you will be responsible for a variety of heavy cleaning tasks, such as stripping and waxing floors, cleaning windows, cleaning restrooms, showers, and change rooms, vacuuming carpets, emptying garbage cans, performing minor maintenance repairs, and performing other related duties as assigned.

Sales Associate

  • Customer satisfaction is ensured by being educated about all items supplied and working collaboratively with co-workers to give outstanding sales service to customers.
  • Meeting and exceeding revenue targets, customer satisfaction standards, and operational goals
  • Keeping personal and professional objectives intact.
  • Open-ended inquiries are used to connect with customers and assess their requirements.
  • Customer demands are met through the ability to learn about and exchange knowledge about products and trends.
  • He or she must be knowledgeable of all product knowledge, including any new or emerging products and trends.
  • Contributes to the creation of a positive and inclusive workplace.

Lift Operator

As a Lift Operator at Parks Canada Jobs, your top job is to ensure the safety of our passengers while also interacting with them positively. You will be in charge of loading and unloading guests from the chair lifts in a safe manner, conducting and recording chair lift safety inspections, and ensuring that the snow level is kept at a safe level.

Parks and Forestry General Labourers 

This role is responsible for a variety of tasks, including but not limited to turf management in the City’s parks and open areas, as well as working within the road allowance. The operation, care, and maintenance of tools, equipment, and vehicles, such as grass cutting machines, trimmers, blowers, trucks, and small equipment, as well as all auxiliary attachments, safely and efficiently.

  • Perform daily circular checks on all equipment and report any issues to the immediate supervisor or designate.
  • Maintain daily written records of all work-related activities.
  • Employ safety precautions and procedures in the performance of all duties in line with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Highway Traffic Act, and the Corporation’s policies and procedures.
  • Courteously respond to the public, referring them where appropriate to a permanent member of staff.
  • Support other members of the Parks & Forestry staff while they are absent or sick, or during periods of increased workload.

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Parks canada jobs

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Parks Canada Jobs recognizes and appreciates the unique connections it has established with Indigenous peoples over the last few decades. When we work more closely with our Indigenous partners, we can make better decisions about how to conserve our natural and cultural ecosystems, as well as how to present and interact with them. It is also significantly more rewarding to work in conjunction with First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples to administer national parks, national historic sites, and marine conservation areas to exhibit Indigenous cultures to visitors to our heritage locations.

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