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Story of Hydro One accounts back to 1906, when the ‘Ontario Hydro’ was established, which was also called as the Hydro Electric Power Commission (HEPC). The aim of Ontario Hydro was to transmit electricity, which was generated by the private companies at Niagra falls, to the municipal utilities. However, after the ‘Energy Competitive Act’ (1998) was passed, 5 entities were restructured out of Ontario Hydro.

Employer Name: Hydro One
Position: various
No. of vacancies: 100
Salary$550.00 – $5500.00 per month
Employment type: Full time
Location: Toronto

Restructuring of Ontario Hydro (1999)


Hydro One Hydro One

The aim of restructuring was to divide and assign the responsibility of electricity generation, its transmission, and price management among its 5 entities, namely:

  • Ontario Power Generation
  • Ontario Hydro Services Company
  • Independent Electricity System Operator (originally named the Independent Electricity Market Operator)
  • Electrical Safety Authority
  • Ontario Electricity Financial Corporation.

Later, one of its entities, the ‘Ontario Hydro services Company’ was renamed as the ‘Hydro One Incorporated’, and thus the rise of Hydro One.

Rise of Hydro One (2000)

After 110 years of service, Hydro One is now the largest supplier of electrify transmission and distribution, in the Ontario province of Canada. It has 4 subsidiaries namely:

  • Hydro One Networks Inc
  • Hydro One Remote Communities Inc
  • Hydro One Telecom Inc
  • Hydro One Brampton

14 million people out of which majority are rural customers, which also rounds upto 20% of all the customers of Ontario, are benefitted from the services of Hydro One.

Ownership of Hydro One

Hydro One was initially under the sole ownership of the Government of Ontario. Thus making it a crown corporation. However, in 2015, after the Initial public offering (IPO) on Toronto Stock Exchange, 60% of its shares were sold to the private investors. Today, its shares are held by Government of Ontario (47.5%), OFN power holdings (2.4%) and Ontario Power generation (1.5%).

Key people of Hydro One

Mark Poweska, is the current CEO of Hydro One and Tim Hodgson the present Chair of the Board.

Mission of Hydro One

Through a network built for a brighter tomorrow, Hydro One works towards energizing the lives of people and communities.

Vision of Hydro One

Better and brighter future for all.

Financials and service area of Hydro One

Hydro One operates a large majority of the high voltage transmission grid across Ontario and distributed 27.5 terawatt hours of electricity in 2019.

Revenue of Hydro One

Hydro One generated around 7.3 billion Canadian dollars in revenues in 2020, up from 6.5 billion Canadian dollars the year prior. It was the third year in a row that the company’s revenue had increased. Hydro One is a transmission and distribution utility that serves customers in Ontario, Canada.

Total assets of Hydro One

In the year 2019, Hydro One reported total assets of some 27.1 billion Canadian dollars.

Amount of Hydro One’s electricity distributed to customers

In 2020, it provided 28.4 terawatt hours of electricity to customers in the province. It was the third year in a row that electricity distribution had increased.

Hydro One’s distribution revenue: 4.8 billion Canadian dollars

  • Hydro One’s transmission property, plant, and equipment assets: 17.5 billion Canadian dollars.

Projects of Hydro One

  • Chatham to Lakeshore Line:
    Inorder to meet the energy supply demands in the southwestern part of Ontario, construction of a double circuit 230 kV transmission lines from Chatham to Lakeshore has been planned.
  • Power Downtown Toronto Upgradation of the underground transmission cables providing power to the Toronto’s downtown core has been planned.
  • Waasigan Transmission Line
    A double-circuit 230 kilovolt (kV) transmission line between Lakehead Transformer Station (TS) and Mackenzie TS in the Town of Atikokan, and a new single-circuit 230 kV transmission line between Mackenzie TS and Dryden TS has been proposed.
  • Lakeshore Transmission Station

Services provided by Hydro One

  • Residential services
  1. Provides electricity to your new locality
  2. Helps to stop the services if you are moving out of the service locality of Hydro One
  3. Helps to start or move service for a new client
  • Business services

1. Provides services for commercial, industrial businesses, generators, local distribution companies and farmers.

  • Other services
  1. Energizing Life Initiative: Through this initiative, Hydro One aims at providing charity services. Any charitable organization, that is changing the lives of many in positive ways could get an assistance of 1000 dollars.
  2. Pandemic Relief Program: This programs aims at providing help to people , as with COVID-19 outbreak, the call for help is loud, than ever before.
  3. COVID-19 Energy Assistance Program (CEAP) : This program aims at providing help to those struggling to catch up with their electricity bills. Residential customers can now apply for a credit of 750 dollars if they have overdue electricity bills.
  4. Small Business Pandemic Relief Program: This program aims at providing financial assistance of upto 3000 dollars to those whose small businesses have been badly impacted by the pandemic.

Hydro One Careers

Corporate jobs

Hydro One encourages skill development and is always striving towards having rich and diverse talents from various fields ranging from electricians and engineers to those belonging to marketing and human resources.

 Technical jobs

Hydro One provides opportunities for those who are experts in technical jobs, such as that required for maintaing the safety of electricity lines, there by ensuring the safety of Ontarians. An added highlight is the apprentice program offered by Hydro One.

Student and New Grad jobs

Around 300 students are provided jobs in Hydro One evey year. They are assigned a variety of posts such as engineers to business administratives. They also get an excellent opportunity to thereby explore and build their skills.

Employees at Hydro One

Employees are given utmost importance and value at Hydro One. Many services are provided solely to the employees such as

  • Comprehensive health plans
  • Employee share ownership programs (ESOP)
  • Employee and family assistance program (EFAP)
  • Competitive compensation
  • Retirement savings
  • Community investment
  • Learning and development
  • Pregnancy and parental leave
  • Goodlife gym membership

Latest Hydro One Careers

Hydro One


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