Corporate Security Guard

City of Vaughan has declared a notification in which they’re inviting candidates for the post of Corporate Security Guard. Understanding their tasks and accountabilities is crucial for candidates, and they need to aim to perform at their best level. They are responsible for providing security services for the City of Vaughan, including but not limited to the protection and safety of people and the safeguarding of facility assets. They will follow and enforce Criminal Code of Canada and Trespass to Property Act and City of Vaughan Policies and procedures, while maintaining confidentiality, exercising discretion, and ensuring a high level of quality and integrity.

Employer Name: City of Vaughan
Position: Corporate Security Guard
No. of vacancies: 1
Salary: $66,112.00 – $78,700.00 per year
Employment Type: Permanent 
Location: Vaughan

Job description

  • Candidates will perform patrols of the facility. They will ensure facilities are safe and secure and report any issues to the Security Coordinator and Supervisor.
  • They will process visitor and contractor sign in. They will greet, inform and provide security escorts for employees, visitors, and contractors, as needed.

Job requirement

  • Candidates ought to respond to security issues, incidents, fire alarms, First Aid calls and assists in evacuation procedures.
  • They should perform emergency First Aid services to the public and staff, as necessary.

Work setting

  • Candidates must have the ability to assist the Security Coordinator in responding and resolving security concerns and complaints in a timely manner and recommend and take corrective action as necessary.
  • They should possess the capability to provide security for visiting dignitaries, protocol functions, demonstrations, labour disruptions, council meetings and special events.


  • Candidates will get a collegial and professional work culture that promotes a sense of belonging.
  • They will obtain health care benefits.

How to apply

It is essential for those interested in the Corporate Security Guard role to confirm eligibility and provide accurate information during the registration process. Enhance your details by clicking on the provided link. We urge you to apply at your earliest convenience, as the registration process is currently open.

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