Collaborateur Services Alimentaires – Temps Partiel

Ikea customers need to give grace and associates a meal, so at Collaborateur Services Alimentaires – Temps Partiel we can get grace for our food and money for our friends and the planet. Ikea is looking for candidates who will fit perfectly into this role. All eligible candidates of this literacy are invited for this post. You are requested to get complete information about this company and the reason for your registration.

Employer Name: Ikea 
Position: Collaborateur Services Alimentaires – Temps Partiel 
Salary: $19.00 per hour
Employment Type: Permanent, Part-time, Full-time
Location: Boucherville, Quebec

Job description

  • They are responsible for being open to learning, adopt a winning attitude and are motivated by teamwork.
  • All candidates will be responsible for at least 6 months of customer service experience in a similar environment (preferred, but not required).
  • Applicants have incredible attention to detail (like expiration dates) and can easily juggle multiple competing priorities.

Job requirement

  • All candidates must have actively participated in all IKEA safety standards, policies and food waste programs. 
  • They are also required to have an active ambassador for IKEA with a constant focus on customers.

Work setting

  • They are also requested to ensure that food products are always presented in an attractive manner. 
  • They also must have Prepared food according to expected daily needs. 


  • They will also ensure that quality, freshness and perfect service always remain the priority. 
  • All candidates will be responsible for the cleanliness, order and organization of a work space which must be visually welcoming. 
  • The company will stay informed about our sourcing practices, discounts, ingredients, and standards. Our customers are curious about all these things and ask questions!
  • The company will offer candidates Overall, helping customers find their way around the store, so they can get what they want. 

How to apply

IKEA combines the diversity of products in epicurean pseudois and bistros. To bring diversity to the group of individuals who inspire themselves to design. After checking all the eligibility criteria, any candidate who wants to apply for this post should apply as soon as possible. 

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