Canadian Armed forces jobs

Canadian Armed Forces Jobs is a part of the Public Service of Canada, it is one of the major federal government agencies. At the Department of National Defense, more than 20,000 civilians (non-military) work. Civilians are employed in more than 40 sites across Canada and internationally. With so many places to select from and over 70 distinct types of civilian employment possibilities, a career in the Canadian Armed Forces offer freedom and mobility that few other employers can match, as well as the opportunity to contribute to world peace and security.

Canadian Armed forces jobs

Employer Name: Canadian Armed forces
Position: various
No. of vacancies: 413
Salary$624.00 – $2610.00 per month
Employment type: Full time
Location: Canada

Canadian Armed forces jobsCanadian Armed forces jobs

About Canadian Armed Forces

Serving in the Canadian Armed Forces is the most demanding and rewarding job in the world. You’ll have the honor of protecting our nation, participating in historic events, and assisting people in need both at home and abroad. You’ll earn world-class credentials and gain leadership abilities that will propel your military career forward. You’ll see more locations in a lifetime than most people do, and you’ll meet some wonderful individuals along the way. It is truly unlike any other profession.

Military Officer salaries in Canada average CA$92,000 per year. Military Officer pay ranges from CA$26,315 to CA$1,20,602 per year in the Canadian Armed Forces Jobs. This estimate is based on 8 salaries submitted by Canadian Armed Forces Military Officer workers or calculated using statistical methods. When bonuses and other benefits are taken into account, a Military Offset may be quite lucrative.

Canadian Armed Forces Jobs That you can avail:

Senior Restorative Practitioners

The Senior Restorative Practitioners will facilitate and manage direct and indirect contact between people who have been hurt and senior DND/CAF officials regarding their experiences of harm. Practitioners will work one-on-one with participants, making continual evaluations of safety, preparedness, and appropriateness, as well as preparing them for communication. Practitioners will be expected to communicate with internal and external stakeholders, as well as subject matter experts, contribute to program research and reporting, and undertake outreach. Other Restorative Practitioners will be supervised, mentored, and led by Senior Restorative Practitioners.

Senior Conflict Management Practitioners

Members of the ICCM and SMRC Teams will benefit from the expertise of the Senior Conflict Management Practitioners. Consultations, mediations, training, and other conflict resolution procedures will be carried out by the practitioners. Restorative procedures will be facilitated by Senior Conflict Management Practitioners as well.

Barrack Warden

A Barrack Warden’s responsibilities include performing daily visual inspections of all accommodation properties and reporting damages;

  • communicating with guests and residents about any concerns or issues with their rooms; and performing daily visual inspections of all accommodation properties and reporting damages.
  • Perform and enforce the duties of a Fire Warden by conducting routine inspections and filing reports
  • complete paperwork for maintenance and furnishings
  • receives, stores distributes, and organizes deliveries of supplies and furniture
  • coordinates cleaning requirements and schedules with cleaning personnel.

Heavy Equipment Operator

Through your CV and responses to online screening questions, you will be expected to demonstrate how you exhibit the relevant credentials (i.e. Occupational Certification and Experience) for the first screening. It is NOT enough to simply say that the requirements have been completed or to offer a list of current or previous obligations. Your resume should back up the information you offer in screening questions about your claimed abilities, experience, and other qualifications. Your application may be denied if you do not submit the necessary information in the proper manner.

Air Operations Support Technician

The Royal Canadian Air Force Reserve has this post available for part-time employment. Reservists often work part-time with an RCAF squadron in their town for eight to twelve days a month, with full-time job opportunities possible under specific conditions. Individuals are not assigned to military duty or obliged to do so. They can, however, volunteer to be transferred to a new base. They can also volunteer for military service within or outside of Canada.

Naval Communicator

Become a Naval Communicator if you’re searching for a fast-paced profession where you’ll be right in the middle of the action. You’ll work on the bridges and in the Communications Control Rooms of Canadian destroyers, frigates, and submarines, and you’ll get to use some of the world’s most modern communication and computer systems. Naval Communicators face the particular difficulties and experiences that come with working at sea, such as rough seas and shift work, when onboard ships. They work in the Communications Control Room, Operations Room, Bridge, and Flag Deck, among other places. Naval Communicators operate in a high- security setting, usually a restricted-access communications facility, while they are stationed ashore. They may perform a wide range of tasks, including providing communications support to ships and shore establishments, assisting in the flow of communications in Naval Radio Stations, or serving as instructors in Recruit.

  • You will construct and maintain all exterior voice, radio teletype, and data circuits, as well as deliver real-time tactical information in support of operations as a Naval Communicator. Using tactical line-of-sight, long-range, and satellite communications, you’ll sustain connections with national and ally networks over radio frequencies needed for mission coordination.
  • You’ll also be responsible for advising Command on tactical signaling and ship maneuvering, as well as signal encoding and decoding, and tactical and maneuvering signal distribution.
  • Computer networking, satellite, tactical voice and visual communications, computer- based message processing networks, radio communication control systems, and the handling of cryptographic and satellite equipment in support of high-speed data and imagery exchanges will all be part of your primary responsibilities.
  • Naval Communicators, like other seafarers, perform non-essential jobs such as watch- keeping or sentry, function as a line handler for replenishing at sea, and serve as a ship hand for entering and exiting the harbor.
  • They take part in Search and Rescue missions, serve on the ship’s emergency response team for security watches, and execute normal ship maintenance and repairs. In order to check the cargo of suspect vessels and retain the vessel’s crew during inspections, a Naval Communicator may serve as a member of the Naval Boarding Party if required.

Material Acquisition & Support Officer

Air Operations Support Technicians (AOS Tech) help with aircraft service and handling, Search and Rescue (SAR), airport and base security, transportation, and other general responsibilities. Quality assurance inspections, as well as aircraft handling activities like parking, are performed by AOS Techs in support of aircraft maintenance.

Water, Fuels, and Environmental Technician 

Water, Fuels, and Environmental Technicians get training and work with their home flight to ensure that they satisfy the job’s professional requirements. Construction Technicians enroll at the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering (CFSME) in Gagetown, New Brunswick, after completing Basic Military Training. Members are not obliged to pay for this training, and they are compensated while doing it (along with other perks). The CAF also provides all of the necessary equipment and supplies. In addition to the regular employment given by their home unit, new recruits are offered the chance to work full-time for up to four months each year throughout their first four years of service.

Latest Canadian Armed forces jobs

Canadian Armed forces jobs

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