Associate Negotiator

Government of Ontario has declared a notification in which they’re inviting candidates for the post of Associate Negotiator. Comprehending their duties and accountabilities is important for candidates, and they should aim to perform at their extreme level. Candidates will assist in public consultation and communications initiatives. They will assist in monitoring and evaluating the implementation of negotiated agreements

Employer Name: Government of Ontario
Position: Associate Negotiator
Salary: $70,820.00 – $102,046.00 Per Year
Employment Type: Permanent 
Location: Peterborough, Toronto

Job description

  • Candidates will support and conduct land claim negotiations and develop claims policy options
  • They will design and implement public and stakeholder engagement initiatives
  • They will work horizontally with line ministry partners and other jurisdictions

Job requirement

  • Candidates must have proven written and verbal communication skills to prepare a variety of correspondence and deliver presentations to various audiences
  • They must have experience negotiating with government and Indigenous representatives
  • They must have demonstrated the ability to develop and maintain relationships and work collaboratively with all stakeholders in obtaining information, building consensus and resolving issues

Work setting

  • Candidates can assess the positions of negotiating parties.
  • They can develop negotiation strategies based on developed objectives.
  • They can assess settlement values, offers and other factors to develop recommendations for approval.


  • Candidates should have collegial and professional work culture that promotes a sense of belonging
  • They will obtain career growth and development opportunities across multiple business areas
  • They will possess On-the-job training to support your success in the role

How to apply

Confirming eligibility and providing accurate information during the registration process is essential for those interested in the Associate Negotiator role. By clicking on the provided link, you can enhance your details. We urge you to apply at your earliest convenience, as the registration process is currently open.

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