Toronto hydro careers

Toronto hydro cooperation is well-known cooperation in Canada, working 24/7 to provide the best services as they could. And many working professionals and job seekers are k; looking forward to work with the Toronto hydro cooperation and looking forward to the Toronto hydro careers to get the opportunity in the future. Here we have provided all the necessary information regarding Toronto hydro careers you need to know.

Toronto hydro careers

Employer Name: Toronto hydro
Position: various
No. of vacancies: 142
Salary$730.00 – $3520.00 per month
Employment type: Full time
Location: Ontario

Toronto hydro careersToronto hydro careers

Everything you need to know about Toronto hydro careers

Toronto Hydro Corp. is a wholly-owned parent corporation of Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited. Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited has an electrical distribution system that supplies energy to approx. 730,000 consumers in the City of Toronto. It is Canada’s largest energy distributor and distributes around 18 percent of Ontario’s electricity consumption. The City of Toronto supplies street lighting to Toronto Hydro Energy Services Inc. here you will find all the information if you are looking for Toronto hydro jobs and want to work with Toronto hydro cooperation

Careers in Toronto hydro cooperation

1. Contract, Compliance Specialist (24-month contract opportunity)

If you are searching for Toronto hydro careers, then the shortest duration of work will be the Contract, Compliance Specialist handles regulative, legal, and financial requirements for the meter-by-cash process, including the project work on operating legal and regulatory requirements for all internal and external audits and monitoring processing and systems.

Furthermore, by comprehensively managing governance structures and aligning with business-level goals, the incumbents address financial and reputational risks linked to incompliance with recognized standards. And analysing any suggesting changes (connected to a meter to cash process), the current representative represents Toronto Hydro with internal and external stakeholders to minimize impacts on an organization.

Key responsibilities
  1. Understands regulatory, legal, and financial compliance requirements, interfaces with internal Legal and Regulatory support, evaluates and records amendments to cash processes (and related impacts/risks)
  2. It works with the domestic stakeholders, facilitates and records interpretative judgments, and suggests operational and system modifications to implement new or current customer service regulations or legislative requirements resulting in functional change project
  3. Proactively ensures that adequate management systems and controls are created and maintained and in line with corporate governance models to reduce departmental/divisional risk and compliance risk.

2. IT Architect, Development & Middleware as Toronto hydro careers

The IT Architect in Toronto hydro careers, Development & Middleware leads and promotes the company architecture in the organization, including establishing guiding principles, policy, standards, and procedures to guide the company’s decision-making process and lead the development in the implementation of Enterprise Architecture. To maintain the highest level of dependability, efficiency, and quality of IT systems, the chosen applicant will drive and build new solutions to tackle challenging technical/technological issues.

The selected applicant is responsible for creating the IT capital portfolio, operations programs, scheduling, and analysing in Toronto hydro jobs. In conjunction with internally and outside, design, implement and administer industry-leading technical standards, including Proof of Concept Analyses for the areas of network/telecom, security, server/SAN backup, database/reports, or development/middleware.

 Key responsibilities
  1. Create, manage, and enforce industry-leading architectural standards, rules, and processes, with IT Senior Management/Executives’ approval.
  2. Support business cases and problem/incident management through technical leadership in an architectural design solution.
  3. Leading technological evidence of the principles in development technology and middleware.
  4. Define and lead the platform’s strategic roadmap within the responsible areas.
  5. Manage and audit technical governance for IT project execution to verify technical standards compliance and/or exceptions.

3. Environmental Health and Safety Consultant

The Environmental Health and Safety Consultant will offer the business unit advice and guidance on all health, safety, and environmental actions and initiatives. The person must act ethically and adhere to Toronto Hydro’s established code of business conduct, rules, internal control processes, and the laws and regulations that govern the company as a Toronto hydro careers.

Key responsibilities:    
  1. Environment, health, and safety systems and related programs and procedures are developed, implemented, and monitored.
  2. Systems, procedures, technical advancements, and methodology are all being improved regularly.
  3. Complete health and safety tasks at a high standard and on time.
  4. Multiple client assignments and related projects, including those requiring internal and external resources, are led, managed, and/or supported by this person.
  5. Provides awareness of best practices in health and safety, legislative changes, new innovations, and trends.
  6. Coordination of waste management programs for polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), hazardous trash, and recycling.

4. Supervisor, Construction & Maintenance

The Construction & Maintenance Supervisor manages and supervises the safety during operating project portfolio by internal and outside staff (planned capital, reactive, customer connections, and emergency). They are responsible for working as part of a team to ensure safe job planning and fieldwork construction for their assigned portfolio of work and the supply of safe and dependable electricity to the clients in Toronto hydro careers.

Key responsibilities:
  1. Implements management of the organizations, standards, and resources to promote employee safety, attendance, and performance.
  2. To ensure the safe execution of the given work program supervises and measure the effectiveness with efficiency in Toronto hydro careers
  3. To oversee the safe and cost-effective execution of the given work program provides technical assistance and management to chosen contractors.
  4. Inspections and audits of safety are performed.
  5. Leads safety meetings, resolves safety concerns, detects non-conformances, and takes action to promptly document, address, and close gaps.
  6. Responsible for preventive safety and environmental initiatives, including leading, planning, and implementing them.

5. Supervisor, Distribution Grid Operations

The Distribution Grid Supervisor in Toronto hydro careers is responsible for monitoring the operation of the system of electricity distribution of Toronto Hydro, including monitoring and control of systems, emergency response, management of work protection. The person must act ethically and adhere to Toronto Hydro’s established code of business conduct, rules, internal control processes, and the laws and regulations that govern the company.

Key responsibilities:
  1. Supervises, trains, develops, personnel in Distribution Grid Operations.
  2. Supports the Control Centre’s day-to-day operations as well as power restoration during outages.
  3. Ensures the safety, attendance, and performance of employees.
  4. Supports and collaborates in developing, managing, and implementing processes, tools, and technology to optimize business operations and increase safety, dependability, productivity, and customer service.
  5. To assist and ensure the safe, dependable distribution of electricity to customers, provide technical advice, and takes choices on work coordination and prioritization.

6. Program Management Consultant

The Project Management Consultant in Toronto hydro careers will look forward to and work in a group for team process forecasting, scheduling, reporting, and resource balance services, reporting to the Supervisor, Program Management Office to ensure the executive work program is delivered successfully while addressing budget, resources, etc.

Key responsibilities:
  1. Provides advice and assistance in resolving financial, schedule, and resource limitations and ensures high-priority projects and programs recommended by Engineering & Investment Planning are included.
  2. Consultations with client groups to address continuous changes to the execution of projects during resource management and budget constraints due to emerging issues faced by field workers.
  3. Takes monthly Building and Design Update Review meetings and takes actions to resolve issues and hazards.
  4. Fosters collaborative connections with various stakeholders (e.g., Engineering & Investment Planning, Finance, Design and Construction groups, and Regulatory) and serves as the point of contact for all projects within the designated area of control.

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Toronto hydro careers

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Working at the Toronto hydro cooperation may require high skills and knowledge in this field. If you are a student or job professional looking for a Toronto hydro career. This will help you understand the skills and knowledge you need to learn before applying for the job. Here we have discussed all the necessary information about Toronto hydro careers.

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