Summer jobs for students

Summer holidays are not just about roaming around beaches and hanging with friends. In Canada, there are a lot of seasonal jobs for both part-time and full-time. So, if you are a student living in Canada or an international student. Then this article is for you here we have brought some of the popular jobs that students can do during their vacation. Summer jobs are also one of the popular ways for students to make some cash and to support themselves.

Similarly, there are few students who study and utilize this holiday time wisely for their future careers. While talking about the summer job can be different from one place of Canada to another. Canada is a huge country and has different weathers; industry and culture so do work. In addition to this, the money that you will receive from your employer can also differ from city to city. In a big city, you are more likely to get paid more. Whereas, in small cities, you are likely to receive less.

So, let’s look into these summer jobs with their wages:

Delivery: Delivery is one of the popular summer jobs among students. Here you need to deliver foods and products in people’s doors. You are required to have a cycle or some vehicle for this job. If you don’t have one then you can rent a bicycle which won’t cost that much. The job can be a bit hard if you are new to the city. However, if you are familiar with the path then you can easily do this job.
Average Wages: $10 – $15

Baby Sitter: It is another popular summer job among youth. If you like to play with children and spend some time then you can go for this job. However, if you are a boy then it might be somewhat hard for you to get this job but it is easy for a girl to get this job. The job is also not that hard you will be making money without doing any hard physical works. Besides you, also don’t need any skills to it.
Average Wage: $12 – $16

Bank Teller: The pay for a bank teller can be high if you get a job at a reputed bank. If you have good communication skills and good at counting then you can easily get into this job. Apart from making money, you will also learn valuable skills like Good communication, helping people and information about the bank.
Average Wages: $12 – $15

Waiter: It is another popular job to get in summer. As most of the business will be stopped for a while and this is the time for the hotel and recreation industry. Many people come to visit in the city area and hotel will also perform well during this time. So, getting a job as a waiter in summer is not that hard. Besides, if you have already worked as a waiter then you can easily do this job while making extra cash from Tip.
Average Wages: $8 – $12

Store Keeper: It is another popular job in summer among students. If you are interested in sales, finance, and marketing you will get a lot of jobs as a salesman. Clothing store, Grocery Store, Shopping mart, and ticket counter. These are some of the places where you can get your job as a shopkeeper. This job is not that hard one can easily do this job without pressure.
Average Salary: $11.5 to $13

Tutoring: If you have talent in something which you can share among people then this job is for you. There are many tutoring centers where you can get tutoring jobs like Teaching Guitar, Piano, Swimming, and video editing. These are some of the tutoring jobs that you can get during the summer. The wages for this job are also high as compared to others.
Average Salary: $12 to $24

House Painter: During the time winter many houses soaks the water due to snow which can crack house wall. So, many people paint their houses to protect them from further damages. If you know to paint then it good if you don’t then also you can get painting jobs. It’s not that hard once you do it for days you will get used to it. All you need to do is just go into a painting company and they will hire you.
Average Salary: $15 – $22

Freelancing: It is another popular job for summer job among students. Students can make a lot in freelancing if you have the required set of skills. There are mainly content writing, video editing and graphic designing are some of the popular freelancing jobs that you can get in Canada. If you have a portfolio about work you can easily get your jobs as a freelancer.
Average Salary: $16 – $30

Web Developer: Web developer is the most in-demand job in Canada. If you have experience and skills in making websites then you can go for this job. This job also pays pretty well for students. Besides this, the benefit of working as a freelancer is that you can show you experience while joining other company. It can works as a portfolio for yourself.
Average Salary: $15 to $33

Bilingual Tourist Guide: Most of the places in Canada are popular Tourism so if you can speak multiple languages then you can easily do this job as a tourist guide. The jobs also pay well and it is not that hard. You will be making money while visiting. So, If you can speak more than one language and love traveling then this job is for you.
Average Salary: $14 to $18

The above-mentioned jobs are some of the popular jobs for students searching for summer vacation jobs. There is a lot of jobs that you can do in the summer vacation besides these jobs. The wages mentioned

for the above profession might not be the same all across Canada. There are various factors that can affect your wages including Experience, Age, Company, and few more factors. If you have good speaking skills and can easily negotiate with your employer this can also affect your pay. The above mentioned pay is the average pay which we have collected from publicly available data.

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