Retail Sales Associate

Bell is welcoming new faces to serve the organization for the fulfillment of organizational objectives as a Retail Sales Associate. To get this job candidate will have to fulfill the eligibility set by the organization and fulfill all the benchmarks set by the official of Bell. The final selection of candidates gets done after examining their skills, working experience, and personality. 

Employer Name: Bell
Position: Retail Sales Associate
No. Of Vacancies: 2
Salary: $19.64 per hour 
Employment type: Part-time
Location: Scarborough, and Toronto Ontario

Job description 

  • The candidate will have to deal with the customers properly with a polite attitude. 
  • The candidate will have to spend his complete working hours in the office. 
  • The candidate will have to serve the retail department of the organization to get the organizational objectives. 
  • Candidates will have to get a chance to build great experiences with their customers. 

Job Requirements 

  • Candidates must have good working experience in retail sales and must have a polite attitude. 
  • Candidates must have a customer service attitude. 
  • Candidates must know the French language. 
  • Candidates should be proficient in operating computers and office software. 
  • Candidates who are proficient in any second language like Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Punjabi, Thai, Tagalog, Korean, and various others are preferred for this post. 

Work setting 

  • The candidate will get a chance to explore new technologies of business. 
  • A dedicated training program is executed to provide training to the candidates. 


  • Candidates will get great career opportunities for future growth. 
  • The candidate will get free accommodation while serving at the post. 
  • Internet and mobile services are provided free of cost. 
  • The candidate will get routine dental and mental checkups. 

How to Apply

Candidates who are interested in this post and wanna apply for it can easily submit their application with the help of a link below 

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