Rail Car Mechanic Apprentice

Canadian Pacific Railway has a huge network of work and the services of Canadian Pacific Railway are available in most of the cities of Canada. They require a Rail car mechanic apprentice who has knowledge working experience in a Rail car mechanic job. Candidates who are interested and eligible to apply for this job should go for it. Here, you’ll get a good pay scale with various additional benefits. Candidates get selected after analyzing their working knowledge, experience, and skills. 

Employer Name: Canadian Pacific Railway
Position:  Rail Car Mechanic Apprentice
No. Of Vacancies:
Salary: $31.542 per hour 
Employment type: Full time
Location: Toronto, Canada 

Job description 

  • Candidates will have to repair, and inspect car equipment safely and efficiently. 
  • Candidates will have to perform all work associated with rush repairs, road work,k and supplementary service operations of equipment. 
  • Candidates perform all preventive maintenance work and repairs on trucks. 

Job Requirements 

  • Candidates must have completed the high school diploma and general equivalency diploma. 
  • Candidates must be able to obtain a CDL license within 60 days of hire. 
  • Boilermakers would be an asset for the Canadian pacific. 
  • Candidates must have experience working with heavy metal. 
  • The candidate will have to prepare himself for working various shifts if required.  

Work setting 

  • The criminal record of the candidate will be checked. 
  • Candidates must have around 3 years of driving experience and must have a social security number. 


  • Candidates are entitled to get a competitive pay scale. 
  • Candidates will automatically enroll in the Annual pension subsidy program of Canadian Pacific. 
  • Candidates get enrolled in employer-funded retirement plan proxies-times studies programs ram also available with this job. 

How to Apply 

Candidates who are interested in working as a Rail car mechanic in Canada Pacific will have to submit their application first. To submit the application form, click on the link below 

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