Meat Cutter

Sobeys has declared a notification in which they’re inviting candidates for the post of Meat Cutter. Candidates are expected to understand their duties and responsibilities, along with putting forth their best effort. They will furnish customer service to meet customer needs. They will prepare meat products. They will merchandise meat areas if applicable. They will maintain the meat department area. They also ensure proper food safety and handling procedures are followed. The specific responsibilities may vary depending on the location and department within Sobeys.

Employer Name: Sobeys
Position: Meat Cutter
Salary: $18.78 hourly 
Employment Type: Full time
Location: 3694 Ancaster Sobeys 

Job description

  • Candidates will receive meat orders.
  • They will make special order meat product requests.
  • They will participate in professional development.
  • They will meet company meat standards and Canadian Food Inspection Agency regulations(CFIA).
  • They will adhere and implement all applicable company standards. 

Job requirement

  • Candidates must have full knowledge of department operations and skills.
  • They ought to possess the capacity to work independently in a fast paced environment.
  • They ought to possess a high School Diploma.
  • They need to have a minimum of 12 months of experience.

Work setting

  • Candidates must have the ability to perform administrative duties as required. 
  • They should possess the capability to provide technical training to new staff and clerks. 
  • They ought to possess the capability to assist Meat Manager/ Clerk Department Second Meat if applicable.


  • A competitive total compensation package will be offered to candidates, and the specifics will be adjusted based on their role and location. 
  • They will also have access to flexible work-life arrangements designed to meet their lifestyle needs.

How to apply

We extend a sincere request to all eligible and interested candidates for the Meat Cutter position to click on the link below and initiate their registration promptly, ensuring the provision of accurate details. The enrollment procedure is currently underway and will soon conclude.

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