Jobs in Regina

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Jobs in Regina

Employer Name: Canada Job Bank
Position: various
No. of vacancies: 1000
Salary: $670.00 – $7200.00 per month
Employment type: Full time
Location: Regina

Jobs in ReginaJobs in Regina

1. Information and Administrative Clerk

Providing a fair judicial system that maintains the law and protects the rights of all citizens in Saskatchewan, as well as promoting safe and secure communities, are the responsibilities of the Ministry of Justice. It also offers legal and justice policy advice to the government.

Do you thrive in a fast-paced environment? If so, this job is for you. Do you have a strong understanding of how to provide good customer service?

You will be responsible for the following duties under the supervision of the Supervisor:

  • Transferring large amounts of alpha and numeric information from Summary Offence Tickets into the Criminal Justice Information Management System (CJIMS);
  • The input of needed information into the Ministry’s database after evaluating documents and getting missing and/or accurate information from CJIMS and/or SGI databases;
  • Responding to queries from the general public, police agencies, SGI, other government affiliations, and court offices, and providing information on the payment of penalties;
  • Input and reconciling payments received by MasterCard and Visa, either by mail or over the telephone;

The ideal applicant would be a self-starter and upbeat person with excellent communication skills who will be able to give customers with expedient service. Also required is knowledge of office administrative procedures, as well as knowledge of applicable computer hardware and software applications such as Microsoft Office Suite. The successful candidate will have demonstrated the ability to input, update, retrieve, format and transmit data at a rapid pace while maintaining accuracy.

This role with jobs In Regina often requires a certificate or diploma in office education or administration, as well as relevant work experience in an office environment. An equal mix of education and experience may also be needed for this post.

2. Administrative Assistant

The Ministry of Environment takes a collaborative approach to protecting Saskatchewan’s environment for the province’s long-term well-being and prosperity. Environmental laws and science-based solutions are utilised to help safeguard communities as well as our air, land, water, and natural ecology. We value citizen and consumer satisfaction, and we work hard to achieve it via workplace quality, ongoing growth, and innovation.

The following are the key tasks of this position:

  • Meeting planning and management, travel reservations, and conference call setup for professional personnel are all services that may be given.
  • Formatting, editing, and word processing of secret briefing notes and ministerial correspondence;
  • Providing information to walk-in and phone customers; tracking and processing work unit expenditures; providing customer service and greeting services;
  • Data entry into various computer applications, buying of office supplies/equipment, and other administrative activities are all accomplished.
  • Working with secret information requires time management skills and precise attention to detail in order to handle a demanding and changing workload while maintaining a high level of quality and confidentiality.

3. General Labourer

This position is responsible for assisting the general assembly, material processing, and painting departments, as well as the material handling department, in enhancing overall shop productivity throughout our multiple manufacturing facilities. The chosen applicant will get in-house training in a number of areas, including machinery and equipment assembly, industrial painting, CNC cutting machines, brake press machining, laser and plasma machining, and other relevant maintenance and equipment. This will be done via an intense training programme led by our highly qualified staff.


  • Demonstrate effective and safe workplace procedures.
  • Individual who is extremely motivated and has exceptional interpersonal and communication abilities.
  • Capable of comprehending and carrying out written and spoken instructions
  • Mechanical competence is necessary, as is a strong willingness to learn and be trained.
  • Capable of physically enduring the rigours of the heavy duty equipment environment.
  • Experience with forklifts and handling of heavy-duty components is an asset.
  • Capacity to operate with little supervision

4. Page – Sunrise (Permanent Part -Time)

Under the guidance of the unit head, the Page is responsible for a number of physical management responsibilities related to the library’s holdings, including shelving, inventorying, and pulling particular items for holds or removal from the library collection. As required, prepares rooms for programmes and cleans up minor spills in public areas and on equipment.

The task performed under this section of Jobs in Regina:

  • Sort, shelve, and read library materials. Conduct a reconciliation of the request pull list and the trace report.
  • Remove the library items designated for weeding in the manner specified.
  • Process removed goods and maintain the branch’s book sale area.
  • Create an inventory of your collections.
  • Ensure that trash cans and book drop-offs are emptied. Packing and labelling of incoming containers is required for Jobs in Regina

5. Delivery Driver

Are you seeking for extra income and the opportunity to work from home? FedEx Express is seeking Dedicated Delivery Drivers, referred to colloquially as D3 Drivers.

This is an interview-based position.

  • This job description contains no specific requirements for employees assigned to this role, nor is it meant to provide or be interpreted as a comprehensive list of all duties, responsibilities, and qualifications required of employees assigned to this post.
  • The occupant of this post will be responsible for all other responsibilities.
  • The incumbent of this position must be capable of successfully completing and meeting minimum thresholds on all mandatory testing and training, operating in a PC Windows environment, successfully completing all recurrence training and maintaining annual accreditations, and working varying shifts as business needs dictate.

Job interviews may be nerve-wracking regardless of how many you’ve had before. If you dress in your nicest attire, print out your CV, and remember to smile widely, everything should go swimmingly. However, just when you believe everything is going swimmingly, the interviewer throws you a curveball question that you are unable to answer.

1. Could you please tell me anything about yourself?

The simplest way to prepare for this question is to draught a one-minute elevator speech summarising your history and credentials. Add no personal information; instead, include around 2-3 sentences describing your professional experience and how you ended up at this interview and pursuing this job. You are not need to go into extensive detail, since there will be several follow-up questions. You just want to catch the interviewer’s attention enough that he or she becomes eager to learn more about you throughout the interview.

2. Describe why you want to work with [insert business name].

When a hiring manager asks this question, they are not only interested in discovering why you want to work for them, but also in discovering your level of familiarity with the company. This question gauges your comprehension of the company’s objective and your enthusiasm for the work they do–so be certain you are familiar with the company’s mission and can speak candidly about your want to work there before responding.

3. How did you become aware of this position?

If this question is posed during an interview, do not simply respond that you discovered about the opportunity via a website. Take this opportunity to explain why you like their organisation and what motivates you to collaborate with them in the future. Additionally, if you have a personal relationship with someone at the company, this is a perfect time to bring it up!

4. Kindly inform me of anything in your CV that I should be aware of.

The majority of individuals have a piece of work that they are really proud of on their resume. Whatever skill or an achievement you’ve highlighted in your resume, or the industry in which you’ve worked, consider how you would respond to this question with the most intriguing item on your CV. Additionally, avoid mentioning anything directly relevant to your most recent work, since you will already be questioned about it. Alternatively, think on one of the previous occupations listed on your CV and explore how that work helped shape you into the person you are now.

5. What motivates you to look for work?

This question may seem innocuous, but interviewers use it to weed out applicants who are either a) looking for work in general, b) were fired from prior employment, or c) have a high turnover rate, which implies you will not remain long in the organisation. Concentrate on the positive parts of the situation and be specific. Consider why you’re looking for work: are you a new graduate seeking your first professional position? Are you interested in advancing your career? Are you considering a career change? Are you resigning from your current position to accept this one?

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Just make sure to be the best candidate while looking for Jobs In Regina. If you are a fresher and need to get work experience then do not get stop your search. On the initial days, the salary may be less but the experience is what matters the most and then as you move ahead you will get what you deserve.

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