Purolator has released a notification in which they’re inviting candidates for the post of Dispatcher. For candidates, it’s obligatory to grasp their tasks and obligations and exert their best effort. They will work closely with Couriers, Unit Managers, Contact Centres and Customers. They will assist and resolve real-time situations for Courier and Customer needs. They must have comprehensive usage of CCD, DMD, and MS Office applications. They will Exemplify and consistently demonstrate our core competencies of communication, innovation, change management, relationship building and leadership.

Employer Name: Purolator
Position: Dispatcher
Salary: $19.92 per hour
Employment Type: Permanent
Location: North York, ON, CA

Job description

  • Candidates will review and confirm pick-up call details.
  • They will ensure an accurate and up-to-date Routing Database.
  • They will assist with all aspects of Dispatch.
  • They will follow all Company policies and procedures.

Job requirement

  • Candidates must have direct contact Customer Service experience necessary.
  • They should have demonstrated excellence with an ability to empathetically support both internal and external customers.
  • They must have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, with an attention to follow up
  • They must have excellent Interpersonal skills demonstrating conflict resolution, leadership, decision making and problem solving skills, eagerness to take on new challenges.

Work setting

  • Candidates must have excellent organizational skills
  • They must have the ability to work independently to prioritize, deal with change, meet timelines, all with an attention to detail.
  • They should possess the knowledge of Purolator Products and Services.
  • They are able to effectively work independently and supportive in a fast paced team environment.
  • They should possess previous Dispatch work experience as an asset.


  • Candidates will enjoy Health care and Dental benefits, in addition to receiving life Insurance.
  • Furthermore, they’ll be entitled to Paid Vacation and access to Store Discounts.
  • Moreover, EQ Health support is available to them, along with Special discount days.

How to apply

We express our gratitude to potential candidates applying for the Dispatcher position, confirming their eligibility, and meticulously completing the registration process with accurate information. You can input relevant details via the provided link. The registration process is currently underway, so we kindly urge you to register promptly

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