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Hydro One based in Toronto, ON, CA is inviting applications from suitable candidates for the position of Data Architect who are self-motivated and have good interpersonal skills. Hydro One is proud to serve nearly 1.5 million customers as Ontario’s largest electricity transmission and distribution provider. We have a long history in the industry, dating back more than 110 years to 1906. Since then, we’ve worked to expand and evolve in order to meet the changing needs of our customers and communities across Ontario. Today, we are focused on providing exceptional customer service and ensuring that the communities in which we live, work, and play are safe. The candidate who got selected will be required to start work as soon as possible. The vacancies refer to Permanent employment and Full time job.

Employer Name: Hydro One
Position: Data Architect
No. of vacancies: 9
Salary: $1,25,453 – $1,37,160/ year
Employment type: Permanent employment, Full time
Location: Toronto, ON, CA

Job Description

  • The candidate will be expected to recommend strategic direction for business processes that is consistent with Cornerstone project goals, the high-performance utility model, and industry best practises.
  • The candidate will be required to review and redirect the strategic plan for business processes to reflect changes in the Hydro One strategy, new initiatives, identified corrective actions, or as required by the shareholder(s) and regulator.
  • The candidate will be required to develop/implement the scope/type of business processes required by Hydro One to meet its strategic objectives, such as benchmarking/best practises, operational improvements, new technology, Cornerstone project goals, root cause analysis, and so on.
  • The candidate will be expected to lead and manage the implementation of business processes by maintaining effective working relationships with staff from all Business Units and corporate groups in order to ensure compliance, identify corrective actions, and improvement opportunities in order to achieve Cornerstone benefits.
  • The candidate will be expected to provide a recognised centre of excellence that advises on business process issues, such as being the primary source for external information exchanges, benchmarking, and in the development of external contracts related to Cornerstone assets and related human performance.
  • The candidate will be required to work closely and continuously with all parts of Hydro One to ensure technical skills and training capabilities are provided to line of business process owners and champions in support of process improvements.
  • The candidate will be expected to meet with other utilities in Canada and the United States, industry associations, vendors, consultants, and standards authorities on a regular basis to discuss business processes, opportunities, and trends.
  • The candidate must develop complementary Hydro One policies and strategies, as well as influence and persuade external entities to take positions that are consistent with the company’s interests and benefits.
  • The candidate will be expected to lead and champion the implementation and adoption of corporate business process capabilities and technologies.
  • The candidate will be expected to provide leadership to all business lines and corporate groups.
  • The candidate will be required to collaborate with other enablement staff to carry out enablement activities.
  • The candidate will be expected to conduct process compliance analysis and prepare reports with a specific focus on achieving Cornerstone benefits and improving opportunities.
  • The candidate will be required to participate in specific areas of responsibility on the Hydro One process council (Work Management, Asset Management, Supply Chain).
  • The candidate will be expected to design, implement, and maintain the processes, tools, and systems required to accelerate the adoption of improved performance practises across Hydro One’s businesses.
  • The candidate will be expected to assess the effectiveness of Hydro One’s business processes and make recommendations to management on necessary changes.
  • The candidate will be expected to negotiate and influence business processes for the rest of the organisation.
  • The candidate will be expected to contribute effectively to performance measurement, technical solutions, and training on best practises in business processes.
  • The candidate will be expected to monitor and evaluate best practises in other benchmarked industries and jurisdictions and to continuously recommend improvements to Hydro One processes with the goal of developing and maintaining all leading edge capability.
  • The candidate will be expected to analyse industry standards, establish criteria and priorities, and lead business unit improvements.
  • The candidate must identify and map process requirements for regular reporting of key measures, which may include information within organisations, the capability of new Cornerstone technology, Human Resource systems, customer information, or external sources.
  • The candidate will be expected to conduct research, design, implement, and manage methodologies, processes, and strategies that will position Hydro One as an industry leader in technology and process enablement.
  • The candidate will be expected to perform detailed analysis of business process compliance in Hydro One, including trend identification and interpretation from results and measures.
  • The candidate will be expected to provide input on future business process needs for Hydro One’s periodic business planning and reporting.
  • The candidate will be expected to complete projects and key initiative plans for the enablement organisation.
  • The candidate will be required to perform other duties, as required.

Job Requirements

  • The candidate should be fluent in English language.
  • The candidate must have completed four years of university education (Grade XII plus 5 years).
  • The candidate must be knowledgeable in computer science in order to design and implement complex information technology systems, provide business process and improvement, consulting and support services, strategic planning and consultation on information assets, and develop policies, strategies, and plans.
  • The candidate must be able to effectively communicate with others, make effective presentations, and write technical reports.
  • The candidate must have prior experience with both new and existing information technology products and services, as well as knowledge of how to apply their characteristics and capabilities in the design and implementation of various systems.
  • The candidate must understand business processes and how to apply them.
  • The candidate must have prior experience with the Company’s information technology, application, and data architectures and standards.
  • The candidate must have prior experience with business operations as well as the application and requirements of computer technology.
  • The candidate must have strong leadership skills in order to effectively lead, manage, and facilitate teams.
  • The candidate must have a thorough understanding of the Company’s goals and how they relate to the implementation and use of technology products and solutions. This experience is thought to require a minimum of 10 years and a maximum of 12 years.
  • The candidate should be a good team player with enough interpersonal and judge-mental skills.
  • The candidate should have strong presentation skills.
  • The candidate should be accurate.
  • The candidate should be organized and flexible in nature.
  • The candidate should be punctual.
  • The candidate should be dependable.
  • The candidate should be reliable.
  • The candidate should give importance to values and ethics.
  • The candidate should have excellent time management skills and the ability to prioritize work.
  • The candidate should have strong organizational skills with the ability to multi-task.
  • The candidate must have excellent written, oral, and verbal communication skills
  • The candidate must have strong analytical mindset and good problem-solving skills.
  • The candidate must be capable of acting on their own initiative.
  • The candidate should be energetic with a positive attitude
  • The candidate should be client focused.
  • The candidate should have strong critical thinking skills.
  • The candidate should be bondable and easily communicate
  • The candidate should be able to work in fast-paced busy environment.
  • The candidate should be willing to work under pressure.
  • The candidate should be required to perform repetitive tasks on frequent basis.
  • The candidate should have an eye for details.
  • The candidate must finished the work with in the given time line.
  • The candidate should have the ability to work quickly without compromising quality
  • The candidate should have a thorough Criminal record check.

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