Air cargo screener 

UPS has released a notification in which they’re inviting candidates for the post of Air cargo screener. They are responsible to follow all requirements as described in the Local Aviation Security MOP and any local regulations. They may be called upon to fulfill Alternate Facility Security Coordinator (AFSC) duties when required.

Employer Name: UPS
Position: Air cargo screener
Salary: $15.83 hourly 
Employment Type: Permanent 
Location: CALEDON, Ontario 

Job description

  • Candidates must restrict access to the area other than authorised personnel only. The screener must enforce proper ID, challenge and escort procedures at all times. The screener must be in uniform at all times while working in the area.
  • After completing the UPS required training, they will now be in charge of identifying and controlling any possible threat during screening. 
  • They will use a variety of tools and equipment like X-Ray and ETD machines to complete the task. 
  • They are responsible to notify the FSC or local management of any equipment or system failures.
  • They will keep accurate and complete records and retain them as required by the MOP. The screener will also manage symbol scanners that are used throughout the operation.

Job requirement

  • Candidates must fully complete and secure all documentation until released to the Facility Security Coordinator, these include but are not limited to various checklists for equipment maintenance and repair, checklists, logs and any other documentation as described in the Aviation Security MOP.

Work setting

  • Candidates are responsible to comply with any required training in a timely manner, training is time sensitive. They will be continuously tested and audited to ensure accuracy and compliance. 
  • They must meet minimum requirements in order to maintain qualifications.


  • Candidates will get workplace accommodation.

How to apply

All the candidates who  are eligible and interested for the post of Air cargo screener are genuinely requested to click the link given below and register themselves quickly. They are requested to add their accurate information in the registration process. The registration process has already started and it will end soon.

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