Cake Decorator

Sobeys has announced a notification in which they’re inviting candidates for the post of Cake Decorator Bakery. It’s imperative that candidates grasp their duties and responsibilities, and putting forth their best is mandatory. They are responsible for carrying out the full range of duties of the position in a professional, responsible, accurate and timely fashion. They will deliver exceptional customer service, foster customer loyalty, fulfill customer needs and actively contribute to an environment of employee and customer engagement.

Employer Name: Sobeys
Position: Cake Decorator Bakery
Salary: $17.15 hourly 
Employment Type: Part-Time 
Location: 928 Jefferson Square Sobeys

Job description

  • Candidates will adhere to all Food Safety Protocols, Standard Operating Procedures, Health and Safety, corporate policies, and other programs and initiatives
  • They have to provide customer service to meet customer needs
  • They will keep work area clean and presentable
  • They need to process customer Bakery orders
  • They perform program execution and merchandising of product
  • They should handle and prepare Bakery products
  • They need to have the capability to increase store sales by actively promoting products.

Job requirement

  • Candidates should possess the capability to process department shrink.
  • They need to maintain a clean and safe working environment as per Company requirements.
  • They must do other duties as required.

Work setting

  • Candidates must participate in the training of junior staff
  • They ought to have the ability to order and receive stock in accordance with company inventory control procedures as required


  • Candidates will gain a competitive total compensation package.
  • They will acquire Flexible work life arrangements to meet your lifestyle needs. 

How to apply

For those who qualify and have a sincere interest in the Cake Decorator Bakery position, we earnestly ask you to click on the provided link below and complete your registration promptly, ensuring that your information is accurate. The registration process has already commenced and will soon come to a close.

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