Loss Prevention Clerk 

Costco wholesale company has recently released a notification. Where all the candidates who are interested in this company and also want to join the company as Loss Prevention Clerk post are invited. It is important to check out all the information about disposition before coming for the interview. They also have to communicate with other area Costco Loss Prevention Clerks and area businesses to exchange information about current, local theft threats. They prepare reports for internal use and for potential prosecution.

Employer Name: Costco wholesale 
Position: Loss Prevention Clerk
Salary: $115,500 per year
Location: Quebec

Job description

  • Candidates will protect company assets from internal and external theft and also testify in court concerning theft investigations.
  • They will also observe and report potential safety and security hazards.
  • Candidates will be responsible for investigating, detaining suspects, completing reports, cooperating with local law enforcement and testifying in court if necessary. 
  • They will also report directly to the Warehouse Manager.
  • Besides, they will walk the warehouse and perimeter up to 8 hours a day to monitor safety and security concerns.
  • Candidates will maintain evidence collected and report files from investigations.

Job requirement

  • Candidates must have a High School Diploma or GED preferred.
  • All candidates with Loss Prevention experience will be given preference over other candidates. 
  • This experience should include a strong understanding and knowledge of the Criminal Code of Canada relating to theft and fraud offences, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Trespass act, and Privacy acts.
  • Candidates must be able to communicate in French with oral and writing.

Work setting

  • Candidates must hold valid Loss Prevention License as required by Province.
  • They also must have good Communication skills and observation.
  • candidates are also requested to have problem-solving skills.


  • All candidates will get flexible work hours.
  • Candidates will also acquire healthcare benefits from the company. 

How to apply

Candidates who are interested in the Loss Prevention Clerk post and who also meet the eligibility criteria are provided from the company. Candidates are required to provide correct information during the registration process. The use of the provided application link is mandatory for the registration process. Ensuring the accuracy of the details is important, as not doing so will result in the cancellation of their registration. 

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