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Prince Edward Island is among the thirteen provinces of Canada and easternmost territories of Canada. It is also the smallest territory of Canada in terms of area and population. The capital of this state is Charlotte town. In recent years, the province has made a lot of progress in developmental works. 

This has created huge economic growth in the city as well. Some of the popular industries of this province are Tourism, Aerospace, Information and communication technology, Bio-Science, and Renewable energy. The province has the tenth largest economy in terms of GDP. It has a lot of employment opportunities in the city.  Besides this, it has also become popular place for international students as well.

Employer Name: Canada Job Bank
Position: various
No. of vacancies: 6800
Salary$750.00 – $5500.00 per month
Employment type: Full time
LocationPrince Edward Island

It also has one University of Prince Edward Island. The university carries many research and study in Bio-science and has made huge progress in it as well. This attracts a lot of students from Canada and Even the world. The small island is also popular for its renewable energy development. This has also created huge jobs in the city as well. So, let’s look into some of the popular jobs of the province:

Accountant: Accountant is a popular job in Prince Edward Island. The province has a lot of small businesses and hotels. There you can easily get your job as an accountant. The work of an accountant includes keeping records of money, Managing Budget, Keeping track of expenses and Analyzing profit loss. You are required to have at least of diploma to work in a junior position and a degree or master’s to work in the senior accountant post.
Average Salary:$26.478-$134,637

Hotel Manager: Hotel managers are those professionals who are responsible for managing hotels, resources, and expenses. The province has a lot of beautiful places to visit which attract a lot of tourists every single year. There are a number of hotels all across the city. This is why the demand for the hotel manager is also high. Generally, one is required to have a degree in management. Similarly, if you have some years of experience then it will increase your chance of getting a job in the hotels.
Average Salary: $45,257-$132,682

Cashier: Cashier is another popular job in the cities of Prince Edward Island. The city has a lot of shops and markets which are always searching for cashiers for their shop or market. The work of the cashier is to look after the shop and selling stuff to the customer and taking money from them. This job is mainly popular among international students but there are also some shops that are looking for full-time workers. You don’t require some education qualification to do this job.
Average Salary: $14,735-$134,368

Electrician: It is another popular job in Prince Edward Island. The province has many transmission lines and circuits in the city. Sometimes these things can stop working and can create blackout in the city. So, it is necessary to put some professional to prevent such thing from happening. An electrician is hired from both the public and private sectors. You are required to have a degree or diploma in electrical engineering and it is also necessary to work for couples of yea to get a job in a big post.
Average Salary: $12,637-$123,463

Software Developer: Software developer is another popular job in Prince Edward Island. It might sound surprising for most of you that this island also has a software development job scope. It is not so big but yeah there are a number of software developer who has been working on the different parts of Prince Edward Island. To get a job as a software developer you need to have a degree. Besides this, if you have some years of experience then it will increase your chance of getting selected.
Average Salary: $12,467-$167,289

Surgeon and Doctor: It is another most in-demand job in Prince Edward Island. The island has very few hospitals but it is enough to provide health care service to all of its population. But, there are still demands for the experienced professional. The work of a surgeon is diagnosing ill patients; Doing Surgery and recommending medicine are some of the works of the surgeon and doctor in the hospital. To get a job as a surgeon and doctor you need to have a medical degree and you also need to get certification from the regulatory body of Canada.
Average Salary: $65,645-$454,253

Assistant Nurse: Assistant Nurse is another medical professional who have a lot of demand in the Prince Edward Island. The demand of Assistant nurse is always high and most of the time hospital can’t fulfill its demand. Nurses are those health care workers who need to available 24/7 in the hospital. Their job is to look after the ill patients and caring ill patients, giving recommended medicine to the patients and helping doctor. To get your job as a nurse you need to have a degree or master in some cases.
Average Salary: $34,745-$134,452

Construction Supervisor: Construction supervisor is another popular job in Prince Edward Island. These are the professional who is responsible to look after the construction works, managing worker and planning. The island has a lot of developmental work carried out by the government. That’s why the jobs of construction supervisors are popular. To get your job as a construction manager you need to have a degree in Construction Technology and Civil Engineering. Experienced professionals are mostly sought by employers.
Average Salary: $14,454-$231,435

Delivery Driver: Delivery driver is also in-demand jobs on the Island. From food to clothes almost everything can be delivered into a customer’s home. There are lots of food chains and other retail markets that always need to deliver food and other product all across the city. So, drivers are mostly searched by employers to deliver the food and other stuff.  Anyone with a driving license can easily apply for this job. You don’t need to have extra skills for this job.
Average Salary: $9,234-$75,243

These are some of the popular and most in-demand jobs on Prince Edward Island. The island has a lot of such employment opportunities all across the island. But, we have tried to mention popular jobs in the city.

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