Imaging means Starbucks Coffee company has released a post of Barista and inviting candidates to fill out their recruitment form to show their interest in the post. Candidates who fulfill the job requirements and are interested to join Starbucks as a barista get selected for the job. Background, working experience, and skills are measures to select the best candidate. 

Employer Name: Starbucks 
Position: Barista 
No. Of Vacancies:
Salary: $14.53 per hour
Employment type: Full time 
Location: Kingsview marked, 2100 market street, Airdrie, Canada 

Job description 

  • Candidates will have to work as a “People person” and enjoy interacting with other people.  
  • The candidate will have to work with him and provide the best customer experience to every customer. 
  • Candidates will have to interact with people to provide them with the best experience at Starbucks with their communication skills. 
  • Candidates must be curious to learn new things. 
  • The candidate will also have to handle cash in the store with responsibility. 

Job Requirements 

  • Candidates have to make regular and consistent attendance with punctuality. 
  • Candidates may have to work flexible hours in different shifts in the mornings, evenings, weekends, and in holidays also. 
  • Candidates must have skills to prepare food and beverages and also be able to customize the drink or dish according to the customer. 

Work setting 

  • The value of previous working experience is not too much. Candidates who don’t have any experience working but have skills are also considered. 


  • Candidates will get an impressive pay scale with this job. 
  • Annual health benefits are also provided to the employee. 
  • Candidates will get a chance to continue their education with this job. 
  • Candidates also get employee discounts on products and services. 

How to Apply 

Candidates who are interested in working in the post of barista at Starbucks should not delay submitting their application. Use the link below to submit your recruitment application now. 

Apply now


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